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[Megathread] Pathfinder Changes Feedback

by Emilisc0

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[Megathread] Pathfinder Changes Feedback

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You just killed him, RIP  Path 😢


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What did you do to path?!?!?!?!?!

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are you insane? why would you nerf paths grapple? why dont you just delete all wraith and path since everyone hates them? You can surely kill your game faster than you are that way. you make a sick path skin for people to waste on a character they wont play anymore? wattson unchanged but you nerf mobility and fun. that is truly hilarious.

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You guys are ruining this game lol

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please hire people that care about the game. caustic buff, path nerf, you are blizzard entertainment but worse

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Pathfinder is dead.

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Increasing Pathfinder's grapple cooldown from 15 to 35 seconds is the biggest mistake Respawn has ever made. Being able to use his grapple to mess around on the map was the only reason I kept playing him, despite him getting nerfed almost every patch. This is just sad.

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Re: You guys are ruining this game lol

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@boy_Hoodle That path nerf is over the top and unjustified. Period.
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Wtf did u do to path!

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It’s crazy that you guys added a whole 20 seconds to paths grapple. Not 5, not 10, but 20?? Path mains we mad or???? 

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Re: You guys are ruining this game lol

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The nerf is justified, just over the top. But the reactions are fun so keep ‘em coming
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Grapple cooldown unreasonably high

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The new update brought lots to be excited about. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the Pathfinder Grapple ability had been increased to more than twice what it was before. For a soloplayer Pathfinder this breaks the game. I'LL NEVER PLAY THE GAME AGAIN UNTIL THE HOOK IS BACK, SIMPLE FACT.

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Re: Grapple cooldown unreasonably high

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Listen, i thought it sounded a little too much, but at least it will stop you Pathfinders catapulting yourself a mile across the map to press a Squad by yourself and get downed / elimmed.



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Re: Grapple cooldown unreasonably high

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@1ronKeysi recommend solitaire for you, because you are not meant for high speed fps games

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