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Medic octane

by wadobadoo

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Medic octane

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Octane has super speed and that's great and all but I feel he would be put to better use by making Octane a medic,you make his speed more useful. If a team mate is downed Octane could Sprint over to them and quickly heal them.So my idea is to make Octane and combat medic.He can keep all the abilities he has now but just make it so that when he's helping a downed team member the process is shorter because of his super speed. He can have a second passive ability kinda like what the defensive legends have now.


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Re: Medic octane

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Mm, ok, this idea blow my mind.. He is already using adrenaline.. Maybe he should not heal teammates, but at least give them movement speed like he have.. I mean, his tactic ability is adrenaline, when you getting up a downed teammate you stab him with adrenaline.. It would be cool when he get you up to get buff like you are Octane for a same amount of time he have his tactical ability.. There is nothing worse then your teammate get you up and ofc you are too slow to run for cover, but if Octane get you up you have a bit more chance to do that zig-zag dance :D

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Re: Medic octane

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That does sound pretty good.Gives the team more of a chance of being able to win a fight because when I play as Octane I usually am the last killed so being able to give my team mates a chance to run away would even the odds.

Plus it not like its too crazy an advantage you'll just have to think more.(kill Octane first to avoid that)

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