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List of Mirage Passive/Ult Rework ideas

by Adendon

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List of Mirage Passive/Ult Rework ideas

★★★★ Novice


  1. Mirage is surrounded by 2 other Mirage Clones that follow his every move (Movement, Shooting (no Dmg), etc.). Clone Disappears when shot and reveals enemy location. Clone Reappears Every 15 seconds.
  2. When downed, Mirage's clone is summoned, and it runs away from the enemy.
  3. Mirage summons a clone that shoots with him every time he shoots (no Dmg). Clone disappears when Mirage stops shooting.
  4. Passive becomes a second charge for Mirage's Tactical (CD same as Tactical)
  5. When Mirage is being shot at, a clone is automatically summoned that either runs or walks+shoot back(no dmg) depending on what the player is doing before the passive is triggered. Passive takes 0.5 sec to activate.
  6. Mirage can shoot fake bullets when out of ammo. Mirage can throw fake grenades, arc stars, etc if there aren't any in stock.


  1. Mirage no longer becomes invisible. His clones move all around (some stay and shoot).
  2. Mirage makes several clones of his teammates that run everywhere.
  3. Mirage can now manually summon clones from a distance with almost no cooldown. 1 min duration (1 clone per second)
  4. Mirage summons a line of Clones that copy all of Mirage's moves. (Mirage is no longer invisible).
  5. Mirage summons a single clone that shoots at the opponent (No Dmg). Mirage becomes completely invisible (no special effects) and can cancel the invisibility by shooting. Duration of invisibility 15 seconds.
  6. Mirage summons a physical clone (can shoot real bullets; take damage (can't actually die though)) that provides suppressing fire in the direction you are facing when you summon it.
  7. Mirage summons a physical clone that can be controlled by the player. The clone has the same gear and stats as the player, and disappears (no drops) when downed. Clone cannot be too far from Mirage. Clone cannot use items. Tactical becomes disarmed while ult is in use.
  8. Mirage carpets the region with clones (clones aren't necessarily near Mirage, they can be anywhere, making noise and movements, some shooting, some running around, etc.)
  9. Mirage disguises himself as an enemy teammate. (Bullets that hit mirage are not seen as damage by opponents; enemies will see teammate name, character, gear, etc; map does not show Mirage as enemy ally).
  10. Mirage summons clones that locate and purposely obscure enemy vision (generally by getting in the way of their line of sight)
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