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Lifeline needs a nerf

by GreenCenturion

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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

No you obviously don`t know math. If you knowed you would have know, that you can`t get 70%-90% pick, when there is 13 legends ING.

Wraith is constantly nerfed, because of her pickrate.

Lifeline pickrate was perfect, so saying she was useless is at best a stretch, when she got such a high pickrate.

And when we talk about million playing the game, there is huge difference between 3% pick rate and 10% pickrate for example, the difference could be in million people ....


Auto-revive is bad as mechanics and its totally unfair, i won`t write a lecture again, because i already do this in like 10 threads already.


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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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I have a suggestion, how about you just push the enemy team when they’re down one ? You kno life lines auto Rez is as fast as a normal Rez right ? It’s not 25% faster like it used to be, so you have a lot of time to still push the team while they’re down 1, and even if they do get up, you can just shoot them again to down them, provided they don’t have gold backpack 

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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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who said 70%-90% pickrate? I said that as an example(never said pickrate), it wasn't about accuracy, but logic. But im not suprised at all...

Ok I said it wrong, she wasn't useless, but still had lack of efficiency in combat, tactical heals slowly and you cant move too much, ultimate makes your location known for everyone nearby (still not an ability for combat).

"there is huge difference between 3% pick rate and 10%" - okey, next time i will add that "next 3-5 legend after lifeline"

Also we don't know the correct(and current) numbers, since EA never published it (as I know), but feel free to correct me.

I wonder about the quality of your posts, when you just start trashtalking if someone has different opinion Standard smile

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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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@DraknasChan I have no idea why you're both arguing about numbers when it's irrelevant in this case. Your argument of "making her useless again" is dumb. Her passives have never been bad, it was her ult and tactical that lacked, so that's why she had the pick rate she did. Regardless, this rez infinitely rewards bad players and plays (something that no game should do). Now, I'm all for giving her a new passive or nerfing it because as it stands it's way too good and provides too much value, especially with a gold bag. It makes decent plat players a threat to predators. You're clearly a Lifeline player hoping to successfully defend her, or someone who relies on a Lifeline teammate to fix your mistakes. Anyways, pick rate is not a valid point of argument for something to be nerfed or buffed, it is a motivator for action, but not a deciding factor. Find other reasons to defend her currently broken passive. I've got over 3k hours in Apex and I've been playing non-stop this season (I'm already bp lvl 95 without buying tiers), so if anything I've faced enough Lifelines to give a strong opinion.
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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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@DraknasChanAnd she is now OP. She is never useless. And you are obviously lack of knowing balance. Like devs.



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