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Lifeline needs a nerf

by GreenCenturion

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Lifeline needs a nerf

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Lifeline is currently way to overpowered as a legend. The honest truth hurts but thats how it is. i suggest making the combat shield going away while robot heals or make the revive use her robot heal as well as making it take 40-45 seconds per ability.

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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

No. Auto-revive needs to removed and never ever again they should mess with the revive stuff again.

Its totally breaks the game.



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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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@GreenCenturion I agree. I think it could work with a cool down. But non stop revives is making her too good. 30 sec cool down on revives, swap supply drop for 25% fast heal maybe. She's a combat medic and all, not loot specialist. Just my opinion
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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

Just bring her old back fast heal, and remove the auto-revive. No other way around. No one will give her fast heal back with this b.c. auto-revive stuff.

If you ask me, both are way too OP, the fast rev and the the fast healing.


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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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Agree, let's make her useless again, because focusing her in fights or pushing on the enemy while one of them is down are too complicated things. I highly sense the lack of creativity at this post...

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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

She was never useless. If she was for you, you don`t know how to play her. She was the 3rd most picked legend in game for any seasons.  And she was like in every single ranked game, her pick in ranked was extremely high.

And yeah its totally broken now, not the Lifeline, the auto-revive b.c.


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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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@AOD_Rct_lordloshI've rarely seen lifeline on plat-diamond ranked...
"3rd most picked legend" "her pick in ranked was extremely high" pls share your source where her pickrate was over 10% in the last 2-3 season. (edit: + where no other legend were even close to her percentage)

What you're saying is like "I got the third best percentage in the class with 71%, while others got 65% - 70,5%, oh btw the first got 98% and the second 91%"....

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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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Gotta admit, her shielded auto-revive really makes a huge difference. The shielded revive was already strong, but this allows for not only cover fire- but something like a really strong "porcupine effect". I've already reaped the benefits of this change multiple times with little retaliation.

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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

You kidding right ? Do you know math ? Her pickrate was about 7-10% across all the seasons and she is the 3rd most picked legend behind Wraith and pathfinder.

Yeah and she was heavy picked in Ranked, and now its even worst.


And yeah being the third most picked legend for so long mean, she is picked and she is okay, as she was. She most definitely did not need a rework to her already strong passive.

She needed the buffs to her CP and her tactical.


And yeah her auto-revive is totally b.c. broken now.


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Re: Lifeline needs a nerf

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@AOD_Rct_lordlosh You questioning my math while you can't understand that wraith has 28-31% pickrate so she is picked out of the three(not 100% but probably), while the other legends has similar pickrate under 10% (except pathfinder, but close to 10%). They are not equally picked, but still similar, compared each of them one by one.

"Her pickrate was about 7-10%" - that's why i told you that last 2-3 season, you know there weren't as many character as now

Btw thanks for the link, you just prove me right xD
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