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LifeLine New Passive

by MeMkAll

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LifeLine New Passive

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Hello i dont know if you want to nerf her because of passive but i wanna share this idea of passive. I would love to read what you think about it

New Passive : Drone can wake up knocked friends.

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Re: LifeLine New Passive

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You mean for the drone to revive downed allies? That might be a bit too powerful tbh because you could revive someone while engaging enemies which would remove a lot of the strategy and teamwork usually required for a move like that during a gunfight.

How about a thing like LEFT 4 DEAD where you can heal allies with your medkits at the same rate you heal yourself?
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Re: LifeLine New Passive

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Her passive is fine as it is but I feel like Drone should be 45-50 seconds and not 60 seconds. I mean, a whole minute for the drone? Come on now, that be be reduced a little.

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