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Legend Animations Can Be Faster

by Cabowse

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Legend Animations Can Be Faster


I think that this is quite universal for all of the different legends but some of the animations can be a little long and can sometimes really adverse your experience with the legends, hopefully if you gave all of the legends the same treatment then it would balance it out.




Eye of the all father Tactical scan animation 30% faster


Beast of the Hunt Ultimate activation animation works 50% faster




Gun shield Passive activates 35% faster


Dome of Protection Tactical throws down 35% faster


Defensive Bombardment Ultimate bombardment comes 30% faster after the ring activates.




D.O.C Heal Drone Tactical will start healing 30% faster


Care Package Ultimate animations and drop time remain the same.




Insider Knowledge Passive works 30% faster


Grappling hook Tactical fires 20% faster


Zip-line gun Ultimate activates 20% faster




Stim Tactical remains the same


Launch pad Ultimate throws down 50% faster




Into the void Tactical activates 50% faster (cooldown 4 seconds longer as minor balance)


Dimensional rift Ultimate activates 50% faster




Smoke Launcher Tactical fires 20% faster and smoke activates 30% faster after reaching destination


Rolling thunder Ultimate Missiles come down 20% faster and explode 20% faster after hitting the ground




Nox Gas trap Tactical drops 30% faster and primes 50% faster (cooldown on traps 4 seconds longer per trap)


Nox gas grenade Ultimate remains the same.




Psyche out (decoy) Tactical remains the same


Vanishing act Ultimate activates 50% faster 



For me even though I don't particularly main any one character I find that the character animations for some characters can often feel sluggish and out of place in a fast paced shooter, hopefully these tweaks would make the game feel a little more zippy and wouldn't adversely swing the balance in any one characters way.

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Re: Legend Animations Can Be Faster

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Even though I agree with you that these changes happen, it would be ANNOYING AF when you're in a fight and 3/4 different teams pop up (considering you've been there from the start), you'd have no time to rotate or leave the area, since the current bombardment times and delays for everything allow you to only just escape the area, also, i think the devs have had delays on ultimates/tacticals so they don't become overpowered, but there is still ways around activating things. E.G activating bloodhounds ultimate on a zipline, its instant. 


Ultimate's speed should stay the same, but tactical speed for some characters do need adjusting. for example wraith, it takes a good 2-3 seconds to activate, and half the time you've got enough time to turn around and look at the enemy for another second before you're just about to phase and you get shot. 

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