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I love the diversity!

by CompleatBeet

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I love the diversity!

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Huge commendation over to Respawn and EA for making the Apex Legends cast so diverse. Almost everybody has a character who represent them, from:

- Bloodhound being non-binary

- Gibraltar being gay and Samoan/Native

- Lifeline being Jamaican

- Wraith for being a white female

- Bangalore for being a black woman

- Mirage for being a white man

- Caustic for being a white man

- Octane being Spanish

- Wattson being French

- Crypto being Korean (I think he's Korean)

- Loba being bisexual and Portuguese/Spanish/Mexican

- And Rampart being Indian


If anybody from Respawn or EA reads this, just know we appreciate and commend your commitment to ensuring inclusion and diversity and promoting that there should be no such thing as a race: everyone is the same thing: a human.

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Re: I love the diversity!

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@CompleatBeet Wait, Rampart is Indian? I thought the first two words of her sounded oddly German.
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Re: I love the diversity!

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@Peri_Longbow_plz Lol wow dude everything points to her being Indian, like the music, the dot in between her brows, and her accent.
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Re: I love the diversity!

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@Peri_Longbow_plz I thought a certain other character was german, but that's a touchy subject, so I'll just go sit in the corner again.. 😅
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Re: I love the diversity!

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@Ironflower196 Yeah, only thing is, the first two words she said sounded strongly like "Schon fertig", which basically translates to "Already done" - Considering she worked on Sheila while saying that, the context would fit perfectly.
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