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I figured out a way to make Loba effective without breaking the game


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I figured out a way to make Loba effective without breaking the game

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Loba biggest drawback is her bracelet, It has so much potential and can be very effective, I figured out giving her tactical 2 charges like bang would make her ability to escape fights too good, unless they nerfed the bracelet which in that case might make her ability to escape much worse than it's currently, So I came up with an idea to smartly make her effective but keeping her balanced:


Looting a high tier item would decreases tactical CD (Purple tier item: -5s CD, Golden tier item: -10s CD, Red tier item: -15s CD). Additionally picking up teammates banner would instantly recharge her tactical.


This can make her bracelet many, many times more useful, Say an enemy squad just deafeted another squad and they got 3d partied while they were looting, You can just teleport to the deathboxes, quickly take the loot and teleport back like nothing happened, Making her truly lives up to her "teleporting theif" title. Or in another scenario say you have escaped a fight and you can't risk going back to your teammates to pick up their banners because the enemy squad is still around, You could just pop your bracelet, pick up their banners and go back without the enemy noticing anything. You can also teleport to a care package, Loot it all and you would have your bracelet ready to teleport back. This also works well with the rest of her abilities. Additionally I believe she should be able to see deathboxes behind the wall as that would make her much more effective.

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