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I am done until u fix that Pathfinder

by TheUnknownMsx

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I am done until u fix that Pathfinder

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Like i did say i am done with that game since i don't see any reason playing to die to someone who doesn't have impressive aim skills, jumping skull-town to die to a pathfinder who does take 7 dmg on a full-body hit. So don't tell me now my aim is bad i know where my crosshair was, i did aim on his stupid smiley, from 2 shots he did take 45 and 7 dmg so stop kidding me with that game and telling me its all fine. Since that patch everyone is telling the same thing that he is broken but EA does ignor us keeps telling how they hear us, if u guys would hear us for real that * wouldn't be still in the game and we wouldn't need to deal with does guys for weeks now. Again every champ does take dmg just that stupid PATHFINDER doesn't do like he should, so every normal company who does take their work serious would take him out from the game for a time and fix him or just roll back until they do figure out what the hell is wrong with him, i am done dealing with that * i don't have problems with the rest of the stuff u guys didn't menage to do properly since that doesn't bother me and block me at performing but that * does since i know he should died to that shots! Its not that single time, i wouldn't be here if its just one time i am taking it since weeks waiting for that fix but nothing did happen so i am taking a brake i will uninstall the game until someone does care and fix that "thing". The worst isn't that he doesn't take dmg like he should do he even does have the option to get on a fast way on the top of some buildings then is there the funniest part u cant hit him properly, u need to waste time and hunt him down on some buildings it results in wasted time and a risk to get a other team on to u who will then destroy u since they did have plenty of time positioning. 

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Re: I am done until u fix that Pathfinder

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I use him a lot. In my opinion, there are only a few really good Pathfinders, most players who uses him, can barely swing anywhere. And I have killed many, not so difficult. They have to come down, at some point.

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