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Heroes Additional stats/passives Idea

by sL1yko

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Heroes Additional stats/passives Idea

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Hi, i have som idea about all heroes. My ides is additional heroes stats for better gameplay and better choose heroes like What kind of hero i want play?




Wraith: little more dmg with light ammo weapons and little less dmg with heavy ammo weapons


Gibraltar: more damage with heavy ammo weapons and less dmg with light ammo weapons


Pathfinder: high damage impact vs nades (enemy throw nade you get large damage than other heroes) but less damage and less slow vs arc star, gas bomb etc..


Bloodhound: default damage but higher rate of fire (fire rate), and energy weapons slow rate of fire (fire rate)


Lifeline: very fast syringe or medkit heal but slower armor bomb (blue tank, batteries)


Bangalore: Very fast weapon reloading but slowly aim down sight weapons maybe..


Caustic: Maybe when enemy rushing you and hit you, caustic automaticaly launches by yourself gas like skunk to slow enemies behind you. Caustic gas trap / nades cast slowly.


Mirage: i dont know



Its only idea, it's up to the developers to do it if they decide to do so.


Sry for bad english : - ) thx

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