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Give pathfinder a new passive ability


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Give pathfinder a new passive ability

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Respawn recently decided to give crypto and bloodhound, pathfinder's ability to use survey beacons, but that doesnt seem fair. Why give some legends more abilities than the others, when it will obviously put people at a disadvantage. Im not saying that pathfinder isnt O.P because i myself am a pathinder player, but it is going to seriously change the game to give not one but two legends a second passive ability. I suggest adding in a second grapple so players can sling away or toward a fight quicker and longer. I cant tell you how many times my grapple failed right when i needed it without rhyme or reason.

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Re: Give pathfinder a new passive ability

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@ODDGAMER4200 What do you mean bloodhound and crypto can use the survey beacons? There is nothing like this happening at all.
If you are talking about their slight buffs, that really doesn’t put pathfinder at a disadvantage, especially Crypto’s tiny change.
Also, Pathfinder is already pretty strong, so he doesn’t need any buffs.
If your grapple isn’t hitting your target, that’s on you. If the grapple is stopping midair, that’s probably because you hit the button again or hit the jump button.
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Re: Give pathfinder a new passive ability

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@Sir_Named I was wonderring what he was even talking about lol I was like Crypto and Bloodhound can use survey beacons?!? As far as I know all bloodhound got is extended timer to his ult for every knockdown or kill (not sure) then cryptos drone up to 30 hp and no longer stuns teammates

Pathfinder dosnt need any new passives if anything his grapple needs nerfed for shorter distances as hes the only legend that can go higher than 2 floors
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Re: Give pathfinder a new passive ability

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@ODDGAMER4200 to avoid confusion and misinformation, There were leaks in the game files suggesting tracking charecters like BH and Crypto getting PF passive ability to hack beacons. However those leaks should not be took seriously as many ideas get scrapped in the development process.
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Re: Give pathfinder a new passive ability

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@SERPENT_DESCEND Thanks for the clarification, and thinking about it, all three of them are the surveillance support class and it'd make sense if they made it so all three can use the beacon.

Those worried about Pathfinder not getting an additional passive should remember he has a pre-built 50% dodge rate, so it'd just be helping out trying to make Bloodhound and Crypto more viable than Pathfinder.
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Re: Give pathfinder a new passive ability

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@FaIIenAngeI777 Revenant can climb buildings from bottom to 3-4th floor. If you use the wall items correctly. Quite fast also. So path is not the only one. Ocant can also obtain any floor level with a balcony or roof landing.

As for pathfinders grapple I think it is fine. I think it actually needs work as it tends to suddenly release it self on its own.
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Re: Give pathfinder a new passive ability

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@E9ine_AC I think he means easily. Sure, most legends can get that high if given enough time, but path is really the only character who can get there in one motion. Even revenant can barely climb higher than two blue crate rectangles.
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Update to Recon Character passive abilities (Pathfinder, Crypto, BH)

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There are leaks about BH and Crypto getting the ability to scan survey beacons just like Pathfinder (class-based passive for Recon Characters), which means Pathfinder will need a new passive. What I think Pathfinder’s new passive should be is a thermal map you can use to detect enemies, given he is a Recon Character. You can hold the map button down to turn your minimap into a thermal vision map to search for nearby enemies within 50 meters. Enemies won’t know they’ve been detected on his minimap. (Title: Thermal vision)


Crypto should also get a new passive called “Hacker.” The ability would make Crypto immune to detection abilities, EMP, and being silenced by Revenant, and EMP’s make Crypto move 30% faster for a brief period of time. Enemy Crypto’s will not be detected on enemy HUD’s (e.g. Bloodhound will see “NO HOSTILES” on his HUD if the only person he scans is a Crypto.) Given that Crypto is able to “detect enemies without being seen,” that could be a very good passive. If his drone gets destroyed, he has no abilities for 40 seconds.


Bloodhound’s passive is fine.

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Re: Update to Recon Character passive abilities (Pathfinder, Crypto, BH)

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@_The_Kitty_Guy_ I agree on Crypto not being effected by his own EMP
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Re: Give pathfinder a new passive ability

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@ODDGAMER4200 Every time I watch global series, it seems like his passive is crucial in tournaments and pro games for rotating. Asking 2 grapple charges is not changing the passive.
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