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Re: Girbraltar

by heme725

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I like to main Gibraltar and couldn't care less about his huge hitbox. I know he got sort of buff even tho it doesn't feel that way. I just would really love if the apex creators would READ MY PETITIONS AND MAKE HIM THROW THAT SHILED FASTER. HE LITERALLY TAKES 10 YEARS AND BY THE TIME I THROW IT I'M ALREADY DEAD. PLEASE FIX THAT AT LEAST SINCE HE ISN'T EVEN GOOD. 

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Re: Girbraltar

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The only thing good about Gibraltar are his abilities so it really is a shame he can't use most of them in combat. To be honest it works out great when my team lets me fight mid range but I'm dead as soon as they force me to dive into close range around buildings. Ult isn't useful there, dome takes too long to deploy when I reach the fight, and my passive shield only slightly slows down my death.


Allowing all legends to use their tactical ability a little faster would let legends with great abilities shine more. Outside of pathfinder since his grapple deploys decently fast.

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