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Re: Fixing Gibraltar and Caustic


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Fixing Gibraltar and Caustic

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I think that the best way to fix caustic, and Gibraltar for lack of being able to reduce his hit box, is to just make the fortified perk a little more generous. If it does not take a little more than the usual to kill them, than it is inconsequential to have a small reduction in damage. What's the point of taking a little less damage if your still gunna be able to down a fortified person with 4 melees or a single shot with peacekeeper? I didn't even notice the perk honestly. Maybe it worked well against p2020 but little else. I think 15% Wil be a nice spot. 


Caustic's traps ate quickly becoming my favorite part of using him, but I find it very annoying that the traps are easy to escape. I feel that if a person walks into a room and activates a house full of traps, that they should not be able to ignore it, and wipe my whole squad. The slow effect should persist even a little after they leave the gas, or rather the visibility. Buffing this so that we have a little bit more visibility in the gas would be good. What if a person takes a few ticks of damage they got a d.o.t? 


Gibraltar needs 15 percent fortified, and a stronger shield tactical. Like maybe 25 percent more shield health for his tactical. Maybe make it bigger. My thoughts. 

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The Ultimate Idea to Finally Improve Gibraltar, Caustic, etc.

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Since theres is still updates coming in the way to fix some of the leyends issues.

This is the best "thing" you can do, to finally make this Leyends the best. (In the case they still need to be enhanced).






- Make Arm Shield a based Time instead of Damage based. So you can deploy it for several seconds to block incoming damage before it runs out.

- It takes just a single shotgun shot to destroy your shield, making it useless. Because at the next shot you just may be killed due his large body.

- So the shield should block all incoming damage just at upper part of your body all time, and then wait to recharge so it can be used again.




-Dome Shield should last longer time deployed, because once deployed and using your Ultimate, you just end killing yourself at the end.

-Dome time to deploy should be increased a bit, to be activated in the ideal momentum.

-Dome should have special abilities like increase your health over time when your are inside of it. Like Lifeline Heal Drone.




-Defensive Bombardment should only show the Area Enmarked to only you and your mates. And not being displayed for the enemies.

-Defensive Bombardment should also be muted sound for the enemies, so they dont know when attacking its going to happen. 







-You should be able to see enemies through the Nox Gas (and not only when they are inside it)

-Like when you throw smoke and you can see your enemies using the Holographic Sight.




-Nox Gas Canisters should only cover a bit more area and deploy a bit more faster.




-Just like Caustic Passive, when throwing your Nox Gas Canister or Nox Granade. You should be able to see through the gas (and not only inside of it)

-Like Bloodhound Ultimate. When equipped you can see your enemies throw the smoke even if they are not inside of it.

-Caustic should have same features if players can avoid your gas. Or even better your teammates should be able to see it (If Using Caustic Ultimate only)




Ok, there you go. They dont need to have any Damage Perk like Fortified, just they abilities its what need to be enhanced.

Thanks Respawn for looking at this. (If possible)



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Thought on second ability for Caustic

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If this has been mentioned before please ignore, though a link to the discussion would be appreciated.


I have a friend who loves to play Caustic and lately I've seen him a lot in random groups.  I don't dislike the character, he's not for me, but to each their own.  My only complaint about him is how his gas affects the team.  That being said, both Bangalore and Gibralter have team affecting abilities so this is nothing new.  However, both of their abilities are ultimates (excluding Bangalore's smoke here as it only affects vision, different discussion imo) and they both have another ability that benefits them or their team in the right circumstance. 


I think Caustic needs a second ability.  However, I don't think it should be one for him as he's already able to solo squads with ease under the right circumstances.  No, I think he should get a secondary that allows him to throw a mask/goggles/rebreather on a teammate that gives them the implied immunity to his gas for a short period of time, say 3-5 seconds. 


Now, I'm no dev and don't know balance so whether it's the ability to see through the gas, move unimpeded, or both; I couldn't say what would be balanced.  I, personally, would be happy with any option.  


Just a thought, grateful for any input.

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Re: Fixing Gibraltar and Caustic

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I would increase their fortified perk to 20%. They should still have large hit boxes, because they are large characters, but just add more armor to their skins- which would justify the fortify increase.  A lot more people use the smaller legends, so I think increasing their fortified perk to 20% would change some minds.



Caustic’s gas damage and spread should also be slightly increased. Very slight.



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Re: Fixing Gibraltar and Caustic

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Another huge problem I've encountered with his traps isn't just that they are easy to dodge.  I've had times where I've placed a trap and waited around the corner for an enemy to trigger.  Said enemy shows up, triggers the trap, and I step around the corner to shoot.  My nox vision completely fails to kick in and my own gas is blocking my vision.  Meanwhile they manage to track and kill me either with bloodhound ult or a digital threat scope.  It's pretty stupid being hindered by your own special ability.

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