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Fixes to all legends and proposal for 18 new ones *UPDATEDx9*

by ZeptikkHue

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Fixes to all legends and proposal for 18 new ones *UPDATEDx9*

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★★★ Apprentice

Hi. I'm a fellow game developer\programmer and level designer who also happen to be a skilled gamer compared to my relatively old age of nearly 40. Here is my take on the current legends. I also added suggestions for some new ones.



Here is how to balance your current legends, listed from best to worst:


High Tier:


Wraith: Increase hitbox size by 12%, making her as big as Lifeline and Bloodhound. Some (quite few) bullets do not seem to register and I suspect that's partly because of her small hitbox.


Pathfinder: After playing a bit more against Pathfinder I have to join the club of those who say his hitbox is broken. Lots of bullets really do not register and this is probably a big reason why he is among the most successful. When his hitbox is fixed he will probably be one of the worst again. In this case you can shrink the player model a bit. He needs his passive replaced with something better, like always knowing the next circle without doing scans. At the very least add even more radar locations and make them static.


Bangalore: Keep as is.


Lifeline: Keep as is.


Octane: Almost fully balanced. Make removal of vial animation faster as it blocks certain actions like melee attack.


Mid tier:


Bloodhound: Reduce volume of ultimate ambient sound by 25% for other players or consider switching ambient cue out with a visual cue, like a glow effect around the character model, now people just run away or gang up on him. (Consider removing Ultimate FOV increase and add annotations to the edges of the screen for out of view nearby enemies as FOV increase hurts muscle memory and makes you hit less) Make tactical markings stick 2 seconds longer, he should also slow\stun enemies within range of tactical for 2 seconds or so. 


Mirage: Current passive is a joke and the worst passive of all by far. Switch it out with blinking between transparent and opaque for 3 sec when shot upon. (Since he is blinking it makes sense that he can still attack) (triggers like Bangalores passive) His Ultimate also needs to send out moving decoys like his tactical, at least half of them need to move.


Low Tier:


Caustic: Nice going with buffing him, it helped a lot, but not enough. I still think it should not be possible to deactivate the traps without them triggering. It's far too easy for skilled players to just shoot at the bottom, making Caustic not being taken seriously by pros. When you have to put the traps in super hidden locations to not get deactivated it makes them too conditional.

Make friendly gas have a different color, like more blue, and make it so it does not affect teammates, because now traps stimulate bad team play by having to split up a bit.

Reduce Ultimate cooldown by 20% and\or make Ultimate Accelerants faster to use for all legends. (I would make them instant, with just a short animation showing, this would help Caustic, Bloodhound and Gibraltar the most as they have the most powerful Ultimates, which is good as they are the weaker classes) He might need double fortified.


Gibraltar: Giving him more shield and fortified helped, but he is still the worst legend by far. You need to give him double fortified and make his shield appear instantly when going ADS. (now there is a small delay, removing this delay would make using shield an actual mechanical skill) An alternative or addition to giving him double fortified could be to make his shield protect his whole frontal body, 180 degrees.



And here are the suggestions for new Legends: (Names are just placeholders) (General philosophy = The better the abilites, the larger their hitbox is)


-Risen (Class: Support) (Style: Necromancer)

Passive ability: Executing knocked player makes you devour him\her to get an extra health bonus of 25 health points. Enemies damaging you at above 100 HP sees their damage colour as orange. You change shape into an undead mist of sorts while devouring, making you invulnerable while animation is playing.

Tactical ability: Undead Aura which gives selected player Fortified perk x3 (30% damage reduction) for 10 seconds. Tapping tactical key like normal targets you while holding down tactical key lets you select a teammate instead.

Ultimate ability: Turn into an undead beast. Increases your player model to at least the size of Gibraltar, hopefully it's possible to make the beast even larger. You may only use melee, but your melee damage is 75 and you get 5x Fortified (50% damage reduction). Lasts for 20 sec or so. Consider fully restoring health (not shields) when shape shifting.

Large hitbox size


-Fowl (Class: Attack) (Style: Demon)

Passive ability: Damage done to enemies heals you 20% of the damage done.

Tactical ability: Mist of Doom. You turn into a cloud of death which is a bit bigger than your player model for 10 seconds. Enemies inside your boundary get damage to health (can be killed) while screaming/panting. Does no damage to shield. You can't attack while active, but you are also invulnerable. Drains your own health (but not below 10%) as long as you do not do damage to enemies.

Ultimate ability: Hells rift. Populates an area with ghosts from hell. Quickly drains the health of enemies down to 10%, but does no shield damage. Strikes fear in the enemy, giving them a 25% speed boost inside area and for up to 3 seconds after leaving area. You regenerate health by walking inside your own rift area.

Large sized hitbox (Or you could make abilites weaker and a smaller hitbox)


-Chip (Class: Attack) (Style: Cyborg)

Passive ability: Slowly regenerates shield.

Tactical ability: Tazer which use shield as energy. Shoots a line which on direct impact slows the enemy movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Fast cooldown, but cost 10% shield on hit. Cost no shield on miss.

Ultimate ability: Computer assisted aim point. Enemy closest to crosshair is targeted. (not world space, but screen space distance) Bullet trajectory is calculated/predicted for you and visualized as a blue dot/marker. Lining up the marker with your crosshair and firing will most likely result in a body shot. Works with any sight as long as you are in ADS mode. Lasts for 30 seconds or so.

Medium sized hitbox


-Hawkeye (Class: Defence) (Style: Sniper with treasure hunter hat)

Passive ability: 50% faster projectile speed for snipers and 50% faster hipfire to ADS transition animation for scopes.

Tactical ability: 50% faster sniper fire rate for 10 seconds. 10% added movement speed.

Ultimate ability: Dig in the ground for purple or golden sniper attachments. Can't do anything else while animation is playing. Lasts for 5 seconds or so.

Small sized hitbox


-Blue Red (Class: Attack) (Style: Clown) (Credits goes to k9seals)

Passive ability: Infer surprises aka gold items by getting cues about their general direction at 200-300 meters. When you get as close as 25-50 meters their exact position will light up. Looking directly at the item makes him yell "Surprise!" followed by a crazy laugh letting you know this was the item he inferred.

Tactical ability: HONK! Making nearby enemies hear less by dampening their audio with an effect similar to being under water. (Excludes voice com) Max duration 10 seconds, last shorter for enemies further away.

Ultimate ability: Laughing gas. Throw a gas container covering a rather large area. Makes enemies keyboard\mouse\gamepad inverted for about 15 seconds.

Small sized hitbox


-Guardiano (Class: Support) (Style: Bodyguard) (Thanks to kartikins and cheatercheater00 for the inspiration to come up with this one!)

Passive ability: Double heal from syringes and double shield recharge from cells. (if this is too much, just reduce the extra heal\charge bonus to 50 or 75%)

Tactical ability: Indestructible energy shield around you for 3 seconds. You can't attack while active. Can't be cancelled.

Ultimate ability: Damage done to teammates is done to you instead, but damage is reduced by 50%. Lasts for 30 seconds or ends when you have no shields and 10% or less health left. Enemies who shoot your teammates see orange color on the dmg done to indicate it is being mitigated. Teammates with protection also have a green glow.

Small to medium sized hitbox.


-Doctor Burn (Class: Attack) (Style: Psycho, but friendly appearing Satanist)

Passive ability: Immune to fire (like Incendiary grenade flames). Has an extra inventory slot which can only hold incendiary grenades (up to two)

Tactical ability: Burps out an incendiary grenade which lands in front of you.

Ultimate ability: Short range flamethrower which lasts for 5-10 seconds and leaves incendiary fire on the ground wherever you spray your flames. Direct hit deals DPS like R-99.

Alternatively his ultimate could be to drop a napalm bomb which covers a big area with fire, but I feel this could already be achieved by throwing several incendiary grenades in one spot.

Medium sized hitbox. 


-Don Slope  (Class: Attack) (Style: Hipster)

Passive ability: Extra 30% speed boost from slide move.

Tactical ability: Power slide. Faster slide which also deals melee damage to enemies and doors. Can be triggered in air or while standing still, adds to current movement speed.

Ultimate ability: Jump height doubled and gets no penalty to aim accuracy while in the air.(Makes for cool combos with tactical and passive) Lasts 20-25 seconds or so.

Medium hitbox size.


-Johnny (Class: Attack) (Style: Bouncer)

Passive ability: Knockback effect on melee. Bounces enemies backwards and a bit up into the air.

Tactical ability: Shoots a rocket which does no or very little damage, but bounces enemies quite far up into the air when hit. Can shoot it in the ground below you for a rocket jump effect.

Ultimate ability: Anti-gravity bomb. Throw grenade which generates a rather large anti-gravity area where players float up into the air (max 10 meters up or so, gets pushed up into the roof inside buildings/caves), handicapping their movement. Duration 20 seconds or so.

Small to Medium sized Hitbox.


-Bob (Class: Defence) (Style: Builder)

Passive ability: Fortify door. Adding planks to doors by holding down interact key instead of tapping it. (like pathfinder passive) Adds health to doors, making them take 4-5 kicks instead of 2.

Tactical ability: Spawn small wall in front of you which can handle up to 100 dmg. Can be used to give cover in open areas. (Same place mechanic as Caustic traps)

Ultimate ability: Throw a device which spawns an electric fence around the enemy or yourself. Hitting the electric fence slows you down by 75% and deals 10 dmg per tick. Fairly big diameter of 30 meters or so and too tall to jump over without a jump pad. Throw distance a bit like Caustic Ultimate, but throws with a quicker speed in order to be more accurate. Lasts for 15-20 seconds or so and is indestructible like Gibraltars Ult.


-Dragonfly (Class: Attack) (Style: Dragon man/woman)

Passive ability: Has less gravity when hovering (when close to ground after flying), making him able to hover further than others. (a bit like old exploit) And/Or make him get a greater speed boost from jumping towers, making him fly longer. Can use tactical while in the air.

Tactical ability: Spit a fairly slow moving fireball which does 50 dmg on direct hit. If ground\wall is hit it works like an incendiary grenade, but with a circular burning pattern.

Ultimate ability: Place mini-jumping tower. Like the current balloon towers, just a bit smaller, like 50-75% of the size.

Medium sized hitbox


-Crazy Love (Class: Support) (Style: Nurse or Nun) 

Passive ability: 50% speed increase for 10 seconds when a teammate gets knocked. Same revive speed as Lifeline.

Tactical ability: Salto move. Small and quick jump which propells you fast forward and can also be used to make you hard to hit. Can't attack while active.

Ultimate ability: Heal/Charge shield for whole team 100 points each instantly.

Small to Medium sized hitbox.


-BoBo Mr Lee (Class Support\Defense) (Style: Engineer)

Passive ability: Generates a shield around him self which can take 50 dmg when shot upon. Lasts for 2 seconds. Cooldown like Bangalore passive. (Does not block attack)

Tactical ability: Repair shield of self or teammate. Point at nearby teammate to repair her shield 25 points instantly or your own shield by not pointing at anyone.

Ultimate ability: Deploy turret which deals up to 400 dmg to nearby enemies. Can't change position, only rotation and can handle 1000 damage. Lasts for 20 seconds or when ammo is depleted.

Medium to large sized hitbox. (If large, then he has Fortified perk)


-Kikku (Class: Attack) (Style: Ninja) (Aggressive play style)

Passive ability: Melee hit slows enemy move speed by 50%, but only for a second or so. (consider cooldown)

Tactical ability: Boost jump. Same as jump, but faster and higher. This does not count as a jump so you are allowed to jump once while in the air at any time. If you use the tactical at the same time as an ordinary jump they will stack.

Ultimate ability: 100% speed boost, but you can only use melee while active. Melee does 2-4 times the dmg and passive skill is still active. Lasts 10-15 seconds and consider ability to cancel when wanted.

Small to Medium sized hitbox.


-Ms Blanks (Class: Attack) (Style: Cowgirl) (Balanced play style)

Passive ability: Halved bullet drop.

Tactical ability: 50% reduced weapon recoil and 50% faster reload for 10 seconds.

Ultimate ability: 50% faster fire rate and 50% reduced weapon switch time for 15 seconds. Weapon recoil will be mad on some weapons so Ultimate is well used in combination with tactical.

Medium+ to Large sized hitbox.


-Tuck (Class: Support) (Style Priest)(Motivates team to stay together)

Passive ability: Regenerate health of nearby friendlies and yourself. Radius 50 meters or so. Octanes regen stacks.

Tactical ability: Heal nearby friendlies 25 health points instantly. (Consider charging shields too if health is full) Radius 50 meters or so. Visual effect a bit like Hunters tactical, but healing color.

Ultimate ability: Revive one fallen teammate instantly, by shooting an arrow of adrenaline at them. (remote revive) Revived player will have an adrenaline speed boost for 5 seconds.

Small to Medium sized hitbox.


-Neuron (Class: Support) (Style: Psychic) (Thanks to Cabowse for inspiring me to come up with this one!)

Passive ability: Next global supply drop is always visible on map. If two are dropped at once both shows.

Tactical ability: Lay traps/soul whisperers which when triggered whispers a scary sound and makes the enemy glow up and even be visible through walls. Lasts about 10-15 seconds. (Dynamic, not static like Bloodhounds tactical as traps needs to be more powerful since they are not always triggered)

Ultimate ability: Deep scan. Scans a 500 radius area around you for enemies, revealing their location and shield level on the minimap\map. They are assigned colors representing their team. Annotations stick for 20 seconds or so and are dynamic. Consider revealing this for the whole team, like Pathfinders passive.

Small sized hitbox.


-Elec Tron (Class: Defence) (Style: Cyber Electrician)

Passive ability: Fortified Shield. Armor/Shields are Fortified by 10%.

Tactical ability: Lay mines which when triggered transfers 50 shield points from enemy to you and slows enemy movement by 50% for 3 seconds. If your shield is full nothing is transferred, but enemy shields are still damaged. 2 ability traps may stack, but faster cooldown than caustic traps. They are quite flat and do not block doors.  They trigger on proximity, 5 meter radius or so. They are not possible to fully disable, but they will trigger when shot upon and damage enemies within range.

Ultimate ability: EMP crossbow, longer range than grenade throws. Fully depletes enemy shields if they are at the center of impact, shield damage is reduced the further away from center you get. Splash damage radius is 25 meters or so.

Medium+ sized hitbox.



New legends obviously needs to be tested and tweaked according to findings.




There you have it. Implement this and your already amazing game will be even better. I'm up for hire. I'm also humble in real life, which may not come to show here in this post. Wink


Keep up the great work!



-Kind Regards,


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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for two new ones

★★ Guide

for you ninja character a stun on melee hit would be OP AF I would be hesitant to even include that mechanic in the game unless it had like a 15 sec cooldown before it could stun again 


Gib: I agree a damage resistance for both tanks is the way to fix them rather than hitboxes because you will never get their hitbox small enough or a smaller characters hitbox large enough that it doesn't seem unfair when things look like they hit or miss and are the opposite. 



Caustics gas still has to affect teammates. All legend abilities that do not self target can help/harm enemies and teammates and it has to stay that way because it rewards good gameplay and punishes bad gameplay. I think the way you fix caustic is ditch the 6 nox traps and give him 3 nox grenades. This would allow him to be useful in non CQC situations and deploy his gas away from his team so it can only target enemies. He will still be able to fulfill the CQC role he was designed for because he just throws the grenades right near his and gets the same benefits as before.  

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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for two new ones

[ Edited ]
★★★ Apprentice


Thanks for the reply @LodewijkVerha, I have to disagree with you regarding both Ninja and Caustic.


Ninja is basically only good in very close combat, but have no benefits at a distance. If stun is OP, just reduce the duration of the stun or only stun movement speed and not rotation speed, but I doubt it would be OP. It does not need a cooldown because you will not be able to stun their whole team unless they sit on top of each other. So the cooldown will in reality be the time needed to run to the next player. It will probably be the best legend at the very beginning in a crowded hot spot, but I think that is OK. Every legend have some situations where they outshine the others.


Caustic does not have to affect teammates negatively in terms of effects because bad play is already punished by rendering the gas useless. The gas is too situational now and a big reason for this is because teammates have no way around the gas if you place it in "useful" places. Some players like traps and that is why they designed him this way I believe, to fit their play style. I do however like your grenade idea although it would make him a different legend, which probably should be avoided. One thing is for sure and that is that he can't stay as he is.



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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for two new ones

★★★ Apprentice

*Added Priest Legend to original post

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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for two new ones

★ Apprentice

I really like the grenade idea instead of the traps. What would u do for his ult? 

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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for 3 new ones

★ Guide
I like the idea of a ninja character, I don't like the idea of giving him a stun. Stuns killed Overwatch for a lot of people.

Instead of jumping twice as high, I would prefer it to be a double jump like in Titanfall 2 so you can change direction in mid air. This ability should have at least 2 charges.

For a passive maybe give him the ability to wall run. If that's too OP, or too hard to add to the game, then perhaps make it so his foot steps make no sound when not sprinting.
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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for 3 new ones

[ Edited ]
★★★ Apprentice



I think stun should be tested, it might or might not be OP for this game.


I have an Unreal Tournament background so I'm really used to double jump and think it's a splendid suggestion! Standard smile

Your passive idea about no walk sound is great too. Nice!

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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for 3 new ones

★★★ Apprentice

*Redid balance list to reflect latest patch

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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for 3 new ones

★ Apprentice

I said it once (yesterday) and I'll say it today.. Bloodhound tactical ability is not made to be a wallhack ( to see people while they are moving behind some object ).. It's just made to help ya have situational awareness before you engage into the fight.. 


Second, I understand you love Unreal ( I played it too ) but there are kinda other mechanics.. It would be like, I played CoD 4 multiplayer a lot, I love to stab people with my knife once and kill them, hey RESPAWN, you need to do this, like please, cause I love CoD 4.. 

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Re: Fixes to all legends and proposal for 3 new ones

★★★ Apprentice



I don't understand how that is a response to my post. I agree regarding Bloodhound. Making the markings, still static, stick a bit longer is not wallhack, because you would still not see them move. It would be exactly like it is now, just last a second longer or so. Bloodhound is bottom 3 now and needs some kind of buff.


Your second point also makes no sense. Just because Unreal have double jump (many games have), it should not be considered as a game mechanic? Fortnite have health plus shield, was it therefor wrong of Respawn to add it to Apex? And how is anything what I described over powered to the point where you can stab someone for an insta kill?


Sorry, you make little sense.

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