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Re: Fix pathfinder hitbox

by PhariasTheGOD

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Fix pathfinder hitbox

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Until they fix his hitbox im done with this game, everytime he zip lines hits on him disappear into Narnia.... EA should find a better devs team Respawn are too laid back or do they only have two people over there managing the game??  

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Re: Fix pathfinder hitbox

★★★ Apprentice

The whole post-launch is a tragedy... Major bugs and issues are still not fixed, wraiths infinite portal, bangalores see thru smoke commands, some colorblind people cant use bloodhound, pathfinder is still beyond broken... NONE of the real problems that plague the game EVEN FROM THE BEGINNING are fixed... DISABLING PATHFINDER from the rooster until is fixed would be perfect option but NO... I love the game, am gonna play it, but no more money from me... ever, am done supporting company that is oblivious to problems that HAVE TO BE ADRESSED... and to be fair when I see how are these forums managed, even the community managers are out of touch from devs.

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