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Re: Defensive legends

by JoJo_DeBlahhh

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Defensive legends

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Legends like gibraltar and toxic should have or more  for health or armor because of their bigger hitbox. I really like to play caustic, I find him interesting and fun. But the drop me to easy cause of my hitbox.

Also remove the slowing of teammates while ulting or triggered nox traps. It makes him * and unusable for team.



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Re: Defensive legends

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Woohoo, another Caustic fan!


Yeah I love'm too - the dude is awesome for holding down a position/defending a flank or chokepoint.


Can't play more than a couple of games with him, at a time, and always end up reverting back to Bangalore or something, because he feels more easily downed than other Legends..


Higher health is an idea, but it wouldn't work out too well considering you would need more Syringes to fully heal him..amongst other things..


Happy is Ult comes a little faster many players use it wrong..I have killed entire squads with his Ult...camping in a building...(thinking they're safe....muhahaha)


*breeeath it in....*

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Re: Defensive legends

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I think they were commenting about reducing the hitbox on these two. Any of these two would be a good thing. More health/armour or smaller hitbox. 

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