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Changes to Bloodhound

by Adendon

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Changes to Bloodhound

★★★★ Novice

So I've been playing bloodhound exclusively for most of my Apex gaming activity (30 levels or so), and I will note a few buffs/changes she might need:


  1. The passive needs to be slightly buffed. I don't think the clues are close enough to each other for players to track enemies. There are times where I try to find enemies, and I lose their trail entirely or end up circling or backtracking because the clues suddenly disappear even though there's still 30 seconds left on them. Maybe make the clues closer to one another, or footprints that can be seen in bloodhound's passive's radius.
  2. Clues from different enemies will jumble together. Maybe make it so that when a squad is killed by bloodhound or her teammates, the tracks for that squad disappear.
  3. Bloodhound's Q ability leaves an after-shadow that can be extremely distracting. Maybe make it so the enemy is constantly highlighted for the duration of the skill instead of having a stationary neon orange outline that makes it hard to see where the enemy is.
  4. While ULT is activated, it's hard to see anything other than the enemy. For example, I can't even see the warning for Bangalore's ult rockets. This also includes grenades, Gibraltar's ult. and I can't see gear unless it's purple or gold. Make it so when Bloodhound's ult is active, she can see enemy bullets, enemy ults, gear, deathboxes, etc. Maybe even give Bloodhound a passive Q ability when ult is activated (although that might be too much)
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Re: Changes to Bloodhound

★ Apprentice
The passive seems fine to me, I play bloodhound almost exclusively, and though I would like it if they were a little more like they are when you are ulting, I can live with how it is.

I do understand the difficulty in fighting with the ult on, but it is usually only activated in a fight. So its ability to see mostly only enemies is kind of the point.

However I do completely agree with the q, The after shadow often times hurts, more then it helps. I think a nice change, would be if it highlighted the enemies for an extremely short time, maybe 1.5 seconds, and that highlight fades over that time, starting out bright, gets really dim by 1 second, and out completely at 1.5.
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