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Re: Caustic Ultimate Bug? And other Caustic Things

by ShowMeUrDeathBox

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Caustic Ultimate Bug? And other Caustic Things

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  So I've noticed recently if you're using meds, whether it be shield cells or syringes, and try to sue caustic's ultimate, you go back to using the med instead of throwing the ultimate out. It takes place while trying to do a quick swap, and its happened on multiple occasions to me but since no one plays this character its hard to ask anyone else about it.


 Also, it feels like even with the buffs caustic's kit is just clunky and out of place compared to the assault characters. Its hard to place strategy gas traps when they're so obvious and most of the player base knows how to disable them. There are even cases where my traps are shot down from the other side of doors they're placed(even Bunker's doors), which just seems ridiculous. 


 Even when traps land, almost every character has some sort of ability that just counters them. Octane resists slows, wraith voices give away traps that i somehow manage to hide, etc. And considering this game was designed to be team based, why does caustic gas effect your own teammates? Mirage doesn't have great abilities, but no other legend blatantly hinders their own team like Caustic. 


  This was going to be just a bug report/question, but there are a lot of problems with the character I just would like answers to. Any thoughts/responses? I have played many games on the character(like 1000+) and just want it to be a bit more viable at least.



A) When using meds and trying to swap to ultimate you still use the med and ult goes away

B) Why is Caustic's design against the way the game was meant to be played?

C) Will Caustic receive any more buffs, changes, or closer looks at design?

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Re: Caustic Ultimate Bug? And other Caustic Things

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I’ve noticed the healing bug with Bangalore as well but yeah caustic is pretty underpowered
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Re: Caustic Ultimate Bug? And other Caustic Things

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It's still in the game and is super annoying

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Re: Caustic Ultimate Bug? And other Caustic Things

Community Manager



Thanks for updating us and sharing the clip. Would be tough to swallow an ending to a close game when something like that would happen. We'll make sure we get some eyes on this clip.


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Re: Caustic Ultimate Bug? And other Caustic Things

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Yea I agree, Caustic's traps are easy to remove as the enemy and feel like he is sort of underwhelming still.  Caustic feels like a burden sometimes for your team if you gas the building your squad is fighting in and nobody can see but you and the enemy Caustic.  You can basically put your own squad at a disadvantage by blinding and slowing them for an enemy Caustic.  Plus it would be nice to have a different coloration for friendly Caustic gas and traps to enemy Caustic gas and traps, like green and yellow.

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