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Caustic Rework Suggestion.

by LordNumNums

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Caustic Rework Suggestion.

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So as of right now even with the /recent/ caustic buff to his gas damage (4 dmg/tick) hes still utterly useless and actually a determent to his own team, a good player can easily null the stun effects that his gas has because its not hard for them, and the damage isn't even a threat - I can name countless times I've been pushed through gas because its not scary, the zone probably does more damage then the gas. The radius is small and doesn't actually fill an entire tiny house floor if you pop it in a corner, the activation radius is smaller, the vision barely works because the moment they run out of the gas you don't see them anymore. I really want to enjoy Caustic but hes probably the worst legend available right now, even wattson has more use.


So my idea is to revamp his skills entirely, the game is fast paced and always on the move so creating a fat stationary target who's abilities don't even threaten you was a mistake and the person who designed him has probably never played a BR in their life. My suggestions are to revamp his skill sets to cohere with the aggressive play style of the game and make him ACTUALLY viable.


  • Buff gas damage AGAIN. around 8 ticks? something threatening.
  • Swap his gas trap with his ultimate, essentially changed it so his Q is instead a large gas field grenade that he throws out - the reason I recommend this is because it still does the job effectively of zone denial while allowing him to stay mobile with his team or quickly flush camping enemies out.
  • (MAYBE) Swap ultimate instead with one that increases his movement speed while leaving behind an expanding gas trail where he goes. 

  • (MAYBE) Or keep similar to his Q only with a deadlier variation of the Nox grenade and a purple gas to designate it with a higher damage tick.
  • Passive - Create a nox gas cloud upon knock down OR make it so your teammates arent hindered by his gas.

The whole idea around this rework which is rather small is like said to adhere with the aggressive play style of the game and I believe that this would make him a lot more viable then he is now. However I am open to criticism and feedback so we can further improve on this.

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