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Buffing Caustic's Traps

by Adendon

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Buffing Caustic's Traps

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Caustic's traps needs a buff:


  1. I've played so many games where an enemy in a small room wouldn't trigger any of the Caustic traps. When I say small, I'd say as small as the smallest room in the bunker.
  2. (Not sure if this is a bug or feature, so I'm going to assume it's a feature) Caustic traps take way too long to trigger after it's been set in front of an enemy.  For example, I threw a trap in a drop ship in front of an enemy. After the trap grew to full size, it wouldn't activate, even when the enemy was literally touching the trap; and danced around the thing for 4 to 5 seconds. The only reason it activated in the end was because he/she shot it by accident.
  3. Make Caustic Traps smaller, I wouldn't say make it as small as a grenade because one of the beauties of the trap is that it can block doors. Maybe to the height of caustic's knees.
  4. Remove disarm traps by hitting below the canister. It's way too exploitable, and requires little skill.
  5. Increase the range at which caustic can throw his traps. Maybe throw it like a frisbee.
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Re: Buffing Caustic's Traps


I love those idea's.

It's also pretty good feedback.

Maybe An idea to add to the traps make them stick to walls. So they can be placed more sneaky if there are smaller.

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Re: Buffing Caustic's Traps

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 Yea this happened to me today where an Octane was literally shooting at me in front of my gas trap and it didn't go off. Not to mention there are cases where my gas trap just disappear if i open a door i placed them in front of.

  The part that really will get you is the fact that they removed a 1 second delay the traps used to have, crazy I know. But at this point after using the character for over 2k games I've come to understand he was meant to be bad.

  There's no way that he got through design and testing like this and they didn't see how weak he was compared to the rest of the characters, he's just supposed to not be good and hard to use. It's the only justification for these abilities.

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