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Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Wraith nerf suggestions

by Westhebird

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Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Wraith nerf suggestions

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Instead of his ultimate giving a 6 second scan cooldown, it should reset the cooldown after a kill/knockdown. Currently his ultimate allows him to know the exact location of all nearby enemies almost the entire time, if it reset  after a knockdown instead it would still provide lots of information, but it couldn't be spammed. He could also be indirectly nerfed by buffing pathfinder and crypto since pathfinder has no recon abilities apart from using survey beacons and crypto has to stand still to use his drone and unlike bloodhound the drone cant see through walls and smoke.


Remove the shield when reviving teammates, or make it much smaller so it only covers them. Being able to revive and fight at the same time is already very strong without also providing cover, especially with a gold backpack.



Remove the ability to use her tactical while making a portal. No matter how bad of a spot your team is in, a wraith can just make a portal and get you out of it, without her tactical it would be possible for a team to stop her. Since having multiple teams alive in small rings is common in ranked wraith is often the only way to avoid being pinned down outside of the ring.

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