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by JashPlayz

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Octane needs a buff/rework for teamwork. I have a few constructive ideas on how you can do this. They are the following :



The passive ability should be changed to this :

20% faster, jumps 20% higher and climbs 30% higher



This needs to be completely changed to this :

When used become 30% faster and regenerate health slowly



This is completely fine and balanced

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@JashPlayzThe passive is way overpowered and the climbing buff doesn't even fit him and would devalue Revenant, But other than that I agree with the rest.

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Octane [Buff/Rework]

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Updated Thread



10% Faster



When used become 30% faster and regenerate health overtime



This is fine

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Now octane is unplayable character in ranked. Most pro players says it is "D" tear char. So id like to rework.

The one thing that i want to offer can change the octane and make them more valuable char in ranked.

Developers should swap the ulti and tactical perk so octane will do things. Well the jumpad could compete rave and pathfinder "q".And steam will be interesting if it will looks more like the bloodhound ulti. Anyway, stim should be reworked: speed boost not so cool thing that i can get by spending my own Hp, so we all know that it sucks and passive perk not help us at all.

So i have an ideas about new stim that should be ulti:

1-spending hp is trash, no matter that it can offer to us. So ulti should give us more hp regenerating while using. 4x-6x based passive i thing.(yes it must be permanent)

2-all slows should drops to zero or 90%. thats good mechanick

3-octane could do 2x faster reloading, or shields recharging or recovering or something else. Anyway its stim so lets do that looks like more  stim.

Whell, he shold jump higher run faster and other... its crazy legend so do them CRAZY.

If Mirage got reworked so help octane pls UwU.

PS. i know that my english isnt exellent, but if you like my idea then help me to bring the idea to developers. :D

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Sorry his ult is absolutely terrible.


Jump pad is severely underpowered.


Pathfindergrapple goes twice as far and is 30s.


16k octane kills here so I get a vote Standard smile 

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