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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

by Tensai_Zoo

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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

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I think the only adjustment necessary is to his passive. He should be able to see through his gas at all times. As is, he can only see enemies within the gas AoE. 


An example: He is within the Nox Gas AoE but enemies are not. He should see them highlighted green while he is within the gas. 


Another example: In open area, mid/long range, the Nox Grenade is thrown between Caustic and the enemy, but both parties are just outside the AoE. He should see them so long as his line of sight travels through the gas. 



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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

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@DarthVaapar  He needs way more than just that.

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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

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I think the best change they could give to Caustic is to make his ult his Q on a 30-45 second cooldown, get rid of his traps and make his ult release poison out in an AOE around him at X radius for X seconds, X being whatever is balanced best. He's classified as a tank/defensive character, so why not at least give him a close-range ult that forces people to give up pushing him/his team. Or it can be used for him to flush people out, as well as his Q, his passive then still applies. He lacks mobility and has large hitboxes so it still makes him useful in only close-range situations, so he won't be unbalanced, just a very strong counter to close range legends.

1. It gives extra support to his team
2. It can actually play off of peoples ults. e.g. Bloodhound/Wraith. Instead of right now being almost completely useless
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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

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@Catbert45 wrote:

About this post:

I have noticed that several websites have been ranking the legends of Apex Legends already. Although the opinions about the best and worst classes vary considerably, a common theme is that Caustic is quite often near or at the bottom, most notably in these two sites:


Off topic. While both sites (and i) agree on caustic being rather undesirable, it's interesting to see how differently people rate the legends. One Site claims Lifeline to be weak, the other rates her top tier. Commonsensegamer says Pathfinder is the best, but a random team mate called me * for playing him. This tells me that legends are pretty balanced.

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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

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@TSF_VindictiV wrote:

@DarthVaapar  He needs way more than just that.

I don’t disagree. My suggestion was such to avoid a complete overhaul. Something easily implemented. 

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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

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mirage's clones can run while in his ult but u have to jump off of something or jump from some small ledge, but i do agree they should run regardless cuz his regular one runs until it hits a wall
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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

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I'm actually okay with Caustic's tactical and ultimate abilities... but I do find his passive ability to be underwhelming.

My suggestion would be for Caustic's current passive ability to be binded into his tactical/ultimate abilities, and change his passive to poison punches - his punches deal poison damage for like 3-4 damage for the next 5 seconds.

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Re: Apex Legends: Suggestions to buff Caustic

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The apex legends character Caustic is a legend who’s abilities revolve around toxic gas. His toxic gas trap NEEDS to not slow down your teammates. This is why some people might not want a caustic on their team because of his gas which can be pretty annoying if you’re not caustic. I’m not saying that your teammates will get the nox vison ability I’m just suggesting that the gas does not slow them down. If you want to win you have to have good team chemistry and caustic needs to fit the title of “team player” a lot better. People say he is not a team player and they are kind of right. Caustic’s special ability is kind of an obvious. If he couldn’t see through his own gas, he would be pointless. He needs a better and more unique ability that perhaps would make him less stationary and situational. Caustic’s gas needs to do a lot more damage. Pretty much the only good thing about his gas is that is will slow people down and somewhat blind them. The time it takes for him to deploy a gas trap takes way to long! It takes about 3 seconds for you to throw out a trap and for it to fill with gas. This would make Caustic less of a camping character because maybe you could even use it during battle or close combat. His gas also needs a lot more range. Even if you cover an entire room with traps there are still mostly likely blind spots or weak spots that gas is not affecting so it is easily avoidable. But overall I love Caustic and apex legends.

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