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Re: Pathfinder HITBOX - FIX IT!

by Anlbrd

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Re: Pathfinder HITBOX - FIX IT!

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@MekaDeth555 That is flat out untrue, lol. You can hit his limbs.
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Re: Pathfinder HITBOX - FIX IT!

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All you guys having trouble with this should go to the Training and when it gets to the part where pathfinder appears - equip 2 x R301s and go and shoot him and see where you don't get hitmarkers.  It helps a lot to know the truth about where you can and can't register hits.

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Re: Pathfinder HITBOX - FIX IT!

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★★ Apprentice that post is from april
2.nd I will tell  u when I feel like getting a advices from a guy who doesn't even have 1k kills at the game Standard smile
3.rd even the forum mods say he is broken, still there are some bots like u who wanna tell us how it isn't true so u just maybe have some brain issues or u are a even worst then a bot :P (or just pathfinder main)

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Re: Pathfinder HITBOX - FIX IT!

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@TheUnknownMsxBrain issues resulting in being unable to read? That applies to one of us. I've added a graphic showing exactly how the hitbox is broken in the other thread :S and you were talking utter garbage as he has never had a problem where you couldn't hit his limbs.. Well... maybe YOU couldn't hit his limbs.

Less than 1k kills. "edit au" - look me up if we're going by stats, sweetheart Wink.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

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