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by helldog2106

Original Post

Another pathfinder instance where he takes no damage, bullets go right through

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This is starting to get ridiculous, his hitbox is nowhere near what it displays, please for the sake of everyone enjoying this game, or at least trying to, FIX IT.

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Pathfinder Hitbox

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Did they screwed up pathfinders hitbox or what?? cant hit him withou getting really close to him..

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Re: Pathfinder Hitbox

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  • Adjusted hitboxes for Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder to better align with their shapes.

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Re: Pathfinder Hitbox

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I mean he has no shape now..
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Just fix hes HITBOX 

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[ Edited ]
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I hope they will... so [Edit - Admin.] frustrating when you stand right behind him when hes looting and you shoot him with the eve-8 3 times and get 3times the 7........

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Pathfinder HITBOX - FIX IT!

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fix that pathfinder hit box, for real now where the hell is his hitbox now? u cant hit that guy anymore....

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Just no comm my man.

Same as audio bugg wihtout footsteps when dropping hot drops with more then 3 squads and just some bullets dont reg because of laggy servers...they rly need to fix it ASAP and as i can see they are doing nothing??

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Re: Pathfinder HITBOX - FIX IT!

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@TheUnknownMsx wrote:

  where the hell is his hitbox now? 

His torso. His limbs don't have hitboxes at the moment 

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Re: Pathfinder HITBOX - FIX IT!

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thats where i actually aim and his head but when he is jumping or turning its like the shots dont registrate...  now every team does have a pathfinder 95% i do die to a pathfinder since the patch... or i die because the fight with him did take to much time... when i made that post i died to a pathfinder, 1 of 3 shots from my wingman did hit him i saw the shots going in to him but just one did dmg to him...

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