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Re: Announcer voice - Tim Kitzrow please

by cheatercheater00

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Announcer voice - Tim Kitzrow please

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There's talk that Apex Legends will get a commentator who will talk about the going-ons of the game. Tim Kitzrow is the absolutely best announcer and commentator video games have ever seen, and Apex would be a million times more fun with his voice. If you don't know him, he's the commentator in NBA JAM, NFL Blitz, and MLB Slugfest. If you've never heard of him, watch a game of NBA JAM on YouTube, or just type in Tim Kitzrow. Now he's also been hired to do a Rage 2 commentary track... It can be heard on a video called "Rage 2 | He's On Fire". Watch it! You'll have a blast.


Here's the Rage 2 video:


Here's a promotion made by EA featuring Tim Kitzrow for the release of NBA JAM 2010


Personally I'd love it, if i stick someone with a throwing star from far far away and they explode, to hear "From Downtown"... or when someone steps into an incendiary grenade, "He's on fire"... Getting killed while you're doing an execution could be "Rejected"... and so on... lol!

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Re: Announcer voice - Tim Kitzrow please

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I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of Tim Kitzrow as an announcer for Apex :D

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Re: Announcer voice - Tim Kitzrow please

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I don't know who this person is but a customisable announcer sounds like fun, I want Gordon Ramsey to insult me everytime I get a kill with my potato aim lol
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Re: Announcer voice - Tim Kitzrow please

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Look at the links I included Pretzelnutcake and you'll know!

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