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A fix for Silent Pathfinders

by Cabowse

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A fix for Silent Pathfinders


I love Pathfinder but there is one thing that I've noticed that bothers me about him, and that's the fact that he can quite silently infiltrate and area without you hearing him. This is mainly down to more pro players knowing how to use his grapple to add a lot of momentum to his jumps. This often means when they use their grapple they are out of the audio distance for the grapple itself, so in fact Pathfinder just flies silently where he needs to be.


To fix this I suggest that Pathfinder can't help himself but expel a long "WeeeeeEEEeeeeEEEeeee" when he gains enough momentum, this will allow people to know if one is about to land somewhere near them. To balance this I think they should take the low profile nerf off him as I think his hit-box is fine now and really he's not that small.


I know there will probably be some contention to this but i'd be interested to hear what people have to say.


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