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A New Legend Idea! (Recon)

by KittyLCGamer15

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A New Legend Idea! (Recon)

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Hey! I just wanted to post an idea I had for a new legend before I forget!  ;D

So, as we all know, Respawn has only one recon character available: Bloodhound. I think it would be awesome to add another recon character to the mix!

Legend Name: Watchdog (If you have a better name, please, let me know!)

Gender: Female

Type: Recon (Survey/Disrupter)

Appearance: Short red hair. Steampunk kinda look. Freckles across the front of face.)

Personality: Somewhat joking, gives words of advice often (though some aren't that useful lol) Australian (maybe?)


Passive: Disable- She doesn't activate any traps. (Ex. Caustic traps don't activate, Wattson fence disables)

Tactical: Surveillance- She can put up up to 4 cameras anywhere and can view each one by holding the respective button to use the tactical and a button (Ex. X,B,A,Y for xbox or X,O,Square,Triangle for playstation) to view each camera. They can be destroyed, of course.

Ultimate: Eye for an Eye- If a player is within sight, she can set a marker and exchange viewpoints with that person for up to 20 seconds (can be canceled before if needed). The player can see what she is seeing and vice-versa.

Let me know what you think! I would love to provide a picture of the image in my head, but I can't seem to get it on paper...

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Re: A New Legend Idea! (Recon)

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@KittyLCGamer15 sounds like what was leaked about Crypto, the next said to be legend to come.

Apparently his abilities also revolve around surveillance with the ability to launch a drone for extra vision.

I like your swapping or just seeing what they see idea. It would be cool to know what your enemies around are doing or if they are looking your way so you can either sneak away or attack.

The tact also sounds fun and cool and would be fun to see it how it would be used early, mid, and end game.

The passive seems a bit OP as it completely ignores other legends only abilities. maybe a tweak would be to allow it to disable the passives of others, like wraith wont know you saw her, mirage wont get an indicator of your locations and neither will wattson.

+XP for the creative idea!
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Re: A New Legend Idea! (Recon)

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Sadly they both sound like my idea with surveillance I posted 5 months ago Disappointed hopped on here to look for it <_< hope they at least ping my name up there <_<

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