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Answers Error

by Volkowoy

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Answers Error

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Product: Origin
What game do you have a problem with? Other
Please explain 'Other' EA Answers Site
What platform are you using? PC
What is your game language? Russian
Where did the issue occur? Origin Client
Summarize your bug Not possible to choose required options on site form. Code is missing. (on every game/section)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Change language to Russian, go to English forum and try to create "Bug report"
What happens when the bug occurs? You haven't any possibility to fill bug form
What do you expect to see? Filling section.

When you try to create Bug report, happens this mistake. Its just a missing code for selection. Just copy- paste, please.

Also, i dont know where i should post it, i didnt find "EA Answers issues" - if i posted in wrong - redirect please.

Screens of problem and missing parts inside. 
On "Russian sitecode" you will see missing part
On "English sitecode" Example of filling this sections.

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