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Her Righteous Fury

by null

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Her Righteous Fury

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First off, this game is amazing.  So much fun...which is why I am so depressed to find out about the Her Righteous Fury bug.  I can't complete the quest and fast travel seems to be permanently broken.  Is there a fix on the way?  This seems to be a HUGELY common bug, according to all the posts on IGN, Gamespot, etc.  Please note that I do NOT have any previous saves that will work.

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Re: Her Righteous Fury

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I have only found one reference to a fix for the PC version - not good for us PS3 - has anyone gotten around this glitch - without fast travel the game is unplayable and I really enjoyed everything about KOA - I always keep 2 save points but I messed up and when got stuck got impatient and now both saves are after the glitch in  - her righteous Fury and stuck on the bridge with arrow and NO fast travel - I am so frustrated - any help out there?


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Re: Her Righteous Fury

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Dear EA/38 Studios/Big Huge Games,


you've had a year to fix this problem.

some guy even made his own fix, which probably gave me a virus, all you had to do was incorporate it.

a year later his fix doesn't work either, probably because of a patch you made which voided it out.


guess what, this is the last straw for me, I have had trouble with EA games in the past, im done

thanks for taking my money for the last time

I will never buy another EA/38 Studios/Big Huge Games title EVER AGAIN.


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Re: Her Righteous Fury

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I also have run into this problem. Are there any known work arounds? I also do not have any pre-glitch saves. Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Her Righteous Fury

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I found this link doing a search: The fix works well. The quest still seems buggy, but after killing mobs for a while the quest does complete. After completing the quest quick travel is fixed! Just make sure to do a new save after all is done Standard smile

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Re: Her Righteous Fury

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can it be any clearer?



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Re: Her Righteous Fury

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This quest is proving to be a game-breaker for me as well.  I'm not sure I can get past it.  I am 4/5 on poisoned bodies but seem unable to get the 5th one complete because the game is saved mid-battle with too many corpses on the screen which is causing my PS3 to crash over and over.


And, this is what I get for not having a backup save.  I got lazy because it's been so long since I've been stuck on a save with no return like this.

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