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does global chat make game un fun?

by thatzwatup

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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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heres the simple solution,a ignore box,if I want to ignore them and not see their words I simply click their flag and put a check mark in the ignore box if I want to un ignore them,I simply click on their flag and uncheck ignore,now I can see their words again.its not hard to add this box to the site.
its a simple ideal that will work,I recommended this before,but as usual ignored,ty.
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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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Hi Thatzwatup


Chillingo appear not to be connected to this game anymore as the Chilingo Zendesk link, no longer appears to exist, so they cannot be contacted over any matters.


I needed to contact them over something else, and the link above no longer has Iron Force in its dropped down menu, I then tried to contact EA, who are the present owners and they also do not have a facilty to discuss all issues with this game.


Your can discuss certain issues, like (The game is lovely 😊 or your Customer Service staff are really helpful etc) but cannot report problems like the abuse in Gloabl Chat, or hacking that goes on within this game.


I have created a thread about the lack of support from Chillingo and EA and as yet total silence was the response .


So that tells u a lot my friend about the owners and participants of this Iron Force game


PS. your idea is excellent and would stop immediately the idiots you personally don't want to see, but will they do it, no I don't expect so!


The owners of the game appear to encourage and thrive upon the idiotic comments made within the Global Chat





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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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hi,I really appreciate all of you guys who have responded to my post.
this is so sad the support from the game owners do not respond to concerns of their customers,im afraid global chat will only end to sad things for some if it hasnt already.ty.
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