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does global chat make game un fun?

by thatzwatup

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does global chat make game un fun?

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global chat makes the game so un fun,something needs to be done (right away)theres real feelings in global chat,because theres a real person behind all of them,with real feelings.(except bots)do you agree someone needs to fix global chat somehow?thank you.
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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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Personally I think it has become a hate chat, not helpful at all, fowl mouth, name calling, political garbage spewed, and a few nice comments. I vote to remove it all together I have no use for it at all. 

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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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I doubt they will never remove it,but they need to find a way to fix it fast.ty.
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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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I agree 100% with Darubberdoctor,


GLOBAL CHAT should be removed from the game all together, it is full of child like morons who are so filthy minded and always abusive!


If you ever have the misfortune to stop and read the ridiculous comments entered into the chat room, it is absolutely appalling and utter garbage.


I have requested that GLOBAL CHAT be removed or restricted to pre set sentences, were the users are not allowed to enter their own abusive comments, but only pre-set words or short sentences, set by the game makers!


So if Chillingo don't want to remove it entirely, then at least remove the free text facility, and install pre-set communications only, which is set by the Chillingo or EA or Coolfish, whoever is responsible!




P.S ...... and before some idiot replies by simply saying don't read GLOBAL CHAT, if you don't like it's contents!


That's like saying if you hear or see something in life, you don't like, then don't look and listen - Nonsense, its up to the owners of this game to put a stop to the abuse and harassment on Global Chat!!

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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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Hi all


I also agree that the Stupid Global Chat should be banned, deleted, removed, expunged, eradicated, cancelled, erased, killed off and and any other word you can think of to get rid of this distasteful, obscene, disgraceful. horrible, abusive, harassing chat room.




EA people take note, we the decent players don't won't GLOBAL CHAT..


Only the immature fools use GLOBAL CHAT, if they want to abuse each other, let them FB to communicate their filth.




Sign our petition here .....................................

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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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I agree with Robot

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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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Since this OP you will note that the censership has gone viral you can't hardly type a nice sentence let alone a bad one. 


So I think they are at least trying to clean it up.   Even your legion chat is so difficult to type a nice sentence or few words can't even type good Game  now.


still the ..,  ,,,   ,, will override the censershiped words   May be they should censor the ......   and ,,,,,,  that would stop the get around.


still unless it's cleaned up I say shut it down

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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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Even though as Darubberdoctor indicates, EA are making a tiny effort to censor the nasty words these idiots use in the Global Chat!


Unfortunately with the censorship the Global Chat bulllies use their child like mentality and find away around the censorship, as they edit and amend their swear words, by placing spacies with the censored words, so they appear in the live chat.


They use abbreviations, back to front spelling all sorts of ways, so they can swear and be offensive to other players - Cyber Bullying 


No censorship that EA applies will prevent these morons from being offensive in Global Chat!


Unless this Global Chat is closed down, it will just get worse and like in all chat rooms throughout the internet, someone may just take it to heart, and unfortunately there maybe sad consequences!


EA / Chillingo / Coolfish you are responsible and will face the consequences if something serious happens, and you have failed to act upon the advice you are receiving from the sensible players of this game we call IRON FORCE!!!!




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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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hi,I contacted chillingo about global chat bulling their response"just simply ignore it",that response was via email.ty.
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Re: does global chat make game un fun?

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Hi Thatzwatup


For Chillingo to say just ignore it, is an absolute disgrace, what a cop out!!


I really don't understand their stupid mentality to why they think Global Chat is important to the game!


As we have all said, the only people that take part in Global Chat, are the psychopaths and perverts who play this game!


From my experience half of the Global Chat crowd, hardly ever seem to actually play the game, but just log into the game, to spread abuse in the chat room.


Every time you have a peak at the Global Chat, it is the same morons sprouting filth all the time!


So if they are not playing the game, they are hardly likely to ever make any purchases, so why do EA / Chillingo feel the need to have it at all.







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