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algorithm confirmed by me


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algorithm confirmed by me

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I have now 100% confirmed that if you spend you get better Game play.


I have 2 main accounts. 


I spend slot on one which I have stopped now but I always get smooth game play and always have an advantage over others when picking up items and kill shots.


On my other account I have never spent. I get bad lag,  teleporting, nothing goes my way.


Same network, same phone , same t6 tank.


EA will deny this , but I have experienced this.


I just want to confirm this is my experience which led me to this conclusion.



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Re: algorithm confirmed by me

Community Manager

Hey @HOWZDATFORU your spend level would have no effect on your in-game performance in relation to your connection.

If you are having issues with the connection then I would recommend taking some time to go through the troubleshooting steps for your device.

If you let me know the platform you are playing on I can get you the right steps.


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Re: algorithm confirmed by me

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Hey Dark u think I start playing yesterday. This game is corrupt and has been manipulated by people and the worst part is u all let them do it.

Don't blame my connection, I don't need to trouble shoot anything. I know what I see. 

Someday your organization has to step up and be responsible. New tank. No one cares from my legion. I gave direct instructions to my 49 team members not to spend any more. This is now growing into other legions. Our trophy tanks we spent lots of money getting are useless. Soon my instructions and commitment with my fellow commanders  will happen. We are stopping payments for 35 days. This will grow until we get true answers and results. Blocking people and banning them shows your ignorance. 

Commander of a well known legion..




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