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When will Iron Force support Game Controllers?

by Tosben

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Re: When will Iron Force support Game Controllers?

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My question is “Why not?” With controller support I’m sure you would get more players in the game. Let’s face it, touch screen in a game is sooooo outdated! My Bluetooth controller works on many different games on my Apple device, & it makes the game’s I play more fun. To tell you the truth, I won’t install a game on my Apple device 99.99% of the time unless my Bluetooth controller works on it. It wouldn’t take much of an update that would allow Bluetooth controllers to work on Iron Force. I know, since I’m into computer programming. Unless you don’t want a lot more players for your game, a simple fix in the programming is all the game needs. With more players, that would mean more in game purchases. Give it a chance, & think about it.

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Re: When will Iron Force support Game Controllers?

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          Now you forced me to reply once again. Why is EA so stubborn to not cooperate with the players of the games that you produce? From what I have read, this has been going on for 3+ years! If you, as the producers, can’t get Chillingo, the developing company, to comply with the simple requests of the players of “Iron Force”, then what’s the sense of bringing out a faulty game in the first place? 

           I have iOS games that have been updated to take care of more involved problems than this simple Bluetooth controller controversy. Why would you back a game that was made by a company that is intelligently incapable of a simple fix? There would be way more people playing this game if it were Bluetooth controller capable. What’s the matter? Doesn’t EA like making money that they could definitely use?

           I have a feeling that your falling out with SEGA, years ago, has something to do with the same nonsensical stubbornness that you either voluntarily or involuntarily banter about. As producer of “Iron Force”, YOU are the boss, not Chillingo. You say what goes & what doesn’t go. Assert your authority, & find someone intelligent enough at Chillingo to update the game to allow the use of Bluetooth controllers. It will mean a lot more money in your pockets, because there will be more people who will want to play. Think of the increase of in app purchases, & they will increase right along with the increase in players.

           Think about it. I’ll be waiting. Thank you for your time.

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Re: When will Iron Force support Game Controllers?

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Don't know what country you are n, but USA players have all but left this game. Just look at super legions, Champions Tournament, Empire War leaders and individual weekly list of players. I've been in 2 legion where 80% of players have moved on to other tank games. 


Same complaints same results for 3 yrs I've been here.


Deal with all the bs, or leave. 


They dont and wont listen to the players.

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