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Re: What is this Dave

by jabu69

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What is this Dave

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What is this Dave you said you was working on Fair matches do you call this a fair match

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Re: What is this Dave

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I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
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Re: What is this Dave

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He has got a point there Dave, I know it happens and has gotten better. I never under stood why the bots are higher leveled as well?

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Re: What is this Dave

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GOTTEN  BETTER ?    ITS GOTTEN WORSE  since CHINKLINGOO came up with GLOBAL ,   IT's worse than ever , every monster tank now shows up and wipes the floor with most players .  If anyone thinks the issues with the game are being attended too, well  it ain't happening.  All they are doing is changing the game so we can't complain about the old issues , NOW WE GOTS SOME OTHER BS  WERE CHOKING DOWN !!!   Drink some more KOOLAIDE to WASH it down with !!!

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Re: What is this Dave

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Chillingo is working with the developers continuosly to make the game worse.

The result is that Iron Force is dropping on lists of games generating cash.


Empathy with the gamer is non-existent,


I am asking myself why I should spend a single cent on any EA games in the future,

and I fail to find any argument.


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Re: What is this Dave

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Check this out,  So ya think the Chinks don't manipulate the Game ?    Take another Drink of that Kool-Aid, their given it away !!    Fair match - up ,  Plus the 28 kill guy couldn't be damaged,   I stole all my kills from him as I followed him and got the last shot for the score.  I cant fathom how far up ones * you gots to have your head Cheatlingoo to expect players to not consider this game as corrupt as it can get !!  Nooooo amount of Spin Doctoring Happy * can explain this Gold Plated * of a so called game !   No More Monies From This Player Four Eyes !!    

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Re: What is this Dave

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You were up against tanks bearing the Turkish flag not the Chinese flag. Inspite of the fact that you were the lowest ranking player, you came in second beating three other tanks bearing the same flag as the winner. It looks to me as if you did pretty well. I can't understand your complaint.


By the way, "Chinks" is a very offensive and derogatory word and has no place in a players' forum.

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Re: What is this Dave

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Hi Pxxxx


Send a ticket in to Chillingo, with your complaints, see what's happens when you do?


As other players in this forum have said many times, Chillngo are not bothered or concerned about the unfairness of this game, they simply don't care my friend !!!


It does get better with time!!!

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Re: What is this Dave

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@IamNotARobot00 wrote:


It does get better with time!!!

Yes, but only because you get used to it Wink

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Re: What is this Dave

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Moany Moany Moaner!!!!


Bo Hoo Bo Hoo Bo Hoo!!! I've been killed by a bigger tank ... Mummy 

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