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Re: What about pattern and decor credit?????

by Seppi261270

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What about pattern and decor credit?????

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hey chillingo,

you really want to fool us. as obvious as you do, it's really a bottomless impudence. you do hours of maintenance on the weekend. during the events. Players can not reach their goals. THE TIMES FOR PATTERN AND DECOR WILL NOT BE CREDITED. The bugs in the game are still not resolved and otherwise nothing has changed by the maintenance, absolutely nothing. The game is still very bad. red signal, lag without end, team matches 2 against 4, or 2 against 3, or no opponents, etc., etc., etc., etc. etc. You really think that we are all so stupid and like that for longer , It is high time to let your methods be legally examined. what you do is clearly a serious fraud and therefore an offense. If I were you, I could not sleep soundly because of my guilty conscience. you should just stand in a corner and be ashamed. I don’t have words for so much audacity.


main thing legion K was no longer endangered by EW, after they had already lost an area. if this maintenance was no coincidence. very noticeable:-))))))

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Re: What about pattern and decor credit?????

EA Community Manager

Hi @Seppi261270,


You should of been credited the time back now, please can you let me know if you haven't?




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Re: What about pattern and decor credit?????

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the time was not credited. neither for pattern, for decor, or afterglow. Everything has expired without time being credited. Usually after maintenance you will get a message that the time has been credited and the tank has been refilled. this message came after no maintenance. yesterday I extended my pattern at about 10:30 pm the photos show the stand today at about 7:30 pm.
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Re: What about pattern and decor credit?????

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and it is not possible to create an answer with pictures. only fast response works.

now it works.

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Re: What about pattern and decor credit?????

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it's really ridiculous what you're doing. we get 6 hours credited for pattern and decor. do you want to fool us? Unfortunately, I have not counted how many hours you have done maintenance without crediting times. but one thing is for sure. It was much more than 6 hours. You do not think it necessary to apologize properly to your players and to reward everyone with generous compensation. eg once with 500 diamonds, or complete 2 days for 75/75 or similar. you really only make me mad and I have no more respect for you and your fraudulent machinations.
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