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Re: Unattainable rewards

by gude2018

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Unattainable rewards

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I have been playing IF for a long time and still really enjoy it. I would like to be able to progress from my cent, but find it impossible to do so since: either I have to spend more money than I would like to take chance on getting Cygnus, and not Auriga, in spins, or I have to pay someone to run my tank day and night to have a chance of getting into top tiers for ceph or Serp ... 


Since these tournament leaders all already run ceph or serp, it is almost impossible to rank high enough without paying someone, NOT CHILLINGO notably, to get you there.


can they not consider ranking anyone for new ceph or serp outside of those already with such a tank?

or create a different approach to rankings to allow more players to get there.


i run a company but still find time to play enough to do 350k per week in a cent without paint or Glo etc and play in a legion which is top200 with similar older working people. I only spend gems on fuel where needed but manage to play quite a bit of free fuel thru playing for 20 mins here and there during work days. I am also an insomniac and love in South Africa so manage to play a lot when others are sleeping 😅 or at work. All good but...


I would gladly spend money, since a few hundred $ per year doesn’t phase me - this is my main hobby after all. But I would like to make some progress if I am spending money and time on the game.


also - a Cygnus would be nice but a ceph, and especially a serp, would be better, and it feels as if those of us who play a lot despite having real busy lives, and spend money, are locked out of this part of the game.


any comments would be gladly received.


Can someone tag Dave? Not sure how...


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Re: Unattainable rewards

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At least spend $1000 or more in spinarama, cause you will never get serp or ceph, that's why they came up with shards. 


Im in same boat, playing less and less, Cent is pos now. Tried spin arama, got 150 blue prints I don't need and no one else that has played longer than 2 yrs, tier 4S and 5S shards that I wouldn't waste time building, so your locked out, unless your willing to pay big bucks.

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Re: Unattainable rewards

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Not quite so. In the top legions top50 and above there are always groups of players who plan cheph runs. Without paying someone you can enter a team where other drivers take over your tank and drive the tournament. You bring in a well painted Cent 75 75 and glow and enough diamonds so they can get a team of strong tanks together so they can have fun playing the tournament for free. 

My cheph run came at a cost of 11500 Diamonds and not a dollar spent on drivers 

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Re: Unattainable rewards

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Yeah heard about that - I would actually consider taking leave and spending the time and money myself 😅😬 - my son as copilot - sounds hard work but a fun week. Just may have to do that more than once to get it right tho - also tank bound to Apple gamecentre and App Store account not sure how to hand that over - family Apple iCloud etc etc connected to account 


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Re: Unattainable rewards

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Hmm for a serp run way too few drivers... handing over account is easy: you only need your Apple E-Mail Adress and your password. But before you do that take out your credit card number... and never give away your security questions. If you plan a real run do not forget to disable the two device authentification. A cheph run is possible with four well equipped drivers but it costs more diamonds... roughly: 10000 for the tank 480 for paint and decal, 1000 for glow less if you take the the seven day trial glow, 2000 for respawning and fuel. A serp run us defenitly cheaper on the other hand you need more drivers but just one tank...

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