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Unattainable daily challenge

by john4876

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Unattainable daily challenge

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In my daily challenge is for one finder keeper battle, you can not enter finder keeper battles with a tier 3 tank. So you can never accomplish that daily challenge. I think someone needs to make at least attainable goals and not one that is impossible to attain. This  is one of the many flaws I have noticed in this game. Also you keep trying to get me to buy something anything but I don’t understand what you are selling what good would scorp attack be if you don’t own the scorp to put it on. Seems a little silly to me. Is this just the old bait an switch game to get you to spend real money. And one more thing reall upsetting is the wheel of doom I work hard to get enough to open the captains chest only to be rewarded with things that I don’t need or want. You can’t buy afterglow with a tier 3 tank so why do you get those shards as rewards. Seems they could do a better job of making the rewards applicable to the tank you are using.

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Re: Unattainable daily challenge

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Same problem for me with the tickets, I already owned S.Vulpecula, But still I am getting the shards for this tank. I already mentioned this in one of the post. Seems like they don't want to fix these kind of issues. Because their main goal is to waste as many tickets as possible so that you either buy the tickets with real money or play again and again to the same worthless tank and afterglow shards.


Below screen shots shows that I am still getting S.Vulp Shards even after I owned the tank. Same is the case with Lyra tank.


WhatsApp Image 2018-11-09 at 1.51.08 PM.jpeg


WhatsApp Image 2018-11-09 at 1.49.25 PM.jpeg

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Re: Unattainable daily challenge

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Would like to be able to buy them shards for what they give you for selling them back. Selling them gives you very little funds.
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Re: Unattainable daily challenge

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You are all missing the point, the rewards on the wheel are spacficaly a random chance item the odds of getting what you want or need are posted.  It’s a rip off, and if you think your going to get what you want, forget it, the house wins in any gambling situation.


you all have known you can’t win on this for a long time so why keep complaining, it not going to change a thing.  

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Re: Unattainable daily challenge

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“COMPLAINING” is the only way to stress the widespread discontent WE have for the way the game developers at Chillingo have ruined a once great game !!

- I think they know exactly what they are doing. It’s all to coincidental that IronForce is dying out on the eve of IronForce2 being released worldwide.


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