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Re: Thief! You know who you are!

by jabu69

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Thief! You know who you are!

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I don't get it, we're on the same team, yet you insist on robbing me of the spoils I've worked so hard for. You don't help with the battle, you zoom around and when a hard fought fIght is won, you push your way in to steal the funds/gems. Where is your etiquette? Don't you realize I'm working to upgrade my tank too. If you don't want to be a part of a team, go play the FFA!

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Re: Thief! You know who you are!

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Wasnt me.
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Re: Thief! You know who you are!

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Hi Cep


I can only assume that this thief is not in your Legion, but you say he is your team?


If he was in your Legion, bin him, send him or her away as an outcast, never to be seen again!


Forbid him from this world of ironforce, shame him or her, they know who they are!


Stealing your gems 💎💎💎 and earned cash  💵💵💵, is an hangable offence, string him or her up, have no mercy 


YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU Dastardly THIEF. shame on you !!!!


Boooooooooo Boooooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂

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Re: Thief! You know who you are!

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guess he played team-solo.
always the same.
in German, we call them 'Eierdieb' i don't know an English expression for it. Literally it means egg thief.

Even worse: the 'Hühnerdieb'. chicken thief. The guys who wait and snitch the kills...

Not much to do about it.....

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