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Re: Tanks dropping out of battle

by DJT2018

Original Post

Tanks dropping out of battle

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Alright I can manage with alot of things: Connection error, Server maintainance, tournaments which you have won stopped in the last Second... you name it. 

what really annoys me is that it is allowed to drop out of a battle. More often than Not the loosing Legion quits after beeing killed once or twice and your Team spends the next 3 minutes chasing one bot.

when you enter a battle your Tank Must be Bound to it for the entire length

If you choose to shut down the Game your Tank should Stay in the battle and until that battle is finished you are not allowed to start a new game. 

My second biggest wish would be that your account is bound to your macadress 

third wish: I would very much appreciate more battle statistics....

sincereley yours

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Re: Tanks dropping out of battle

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@gude2018: Completely agree with the issues & suggestions that you posted. Already so many users raised the same concerns that you mentioned above. It will be good if EADAVE responds to your post.


Adding one more point to your concerns is that if in SQUAD Mode if the other team player quits then we are also not getting the SQUAD Bonus (Double bonus). Before we used to get the squad mode, but after recent maintenance we are not getting the double bonus. 



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Re: Tanks dropping out of battle

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....... and to add insult to injury ALL of the cash rewards for Tank kills and  BonusBox for 3 wins have all been greatly reduced making payouts much lower and upgrades harder to obtain.


- Chillingo knows what they are doing .... they want to choke us out of the game!! They have their sights on making IronForce2 the new CA$H cow. IronForce is dying a slow death but they will drain every drop of blood from it before it goes offline. Mark my words.

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Re: Tanks dropping out of battle

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DUDE, I think you are crazy if you think IF2 will be any better.  These guys have proven to be completely incapable of architecting and operating a game that is playable. Why do you think they will suddenly get a clue when designing and coding IF2?

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Re: Tanks dropping out of battle

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Pinky, Honestly I do not know what to expect from IF2. One would like to believe it will start out as a noble game, but as with many online games that are NOT carefullly monitored, the corruption will take hold and destroy it.

- time will tell. I’m not holding my breath though. ツ 

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Re: Tanks dropping out of battle

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Go to YouTube and view the new IF2 game play videos and you’ll see it’s a rehash from the IF1. Just everyone must start fresh and upgrade wth shards

oh yeh you get 3 starter tanks to build and spend real $$$$$ along with the wheel of Doom.  Got to be outa your mind to be succkered into IF2. It a wolf in sheep’s skin.

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