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Tanks 7

by sam_italica

Original Post

Re: Tanks 7

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Hi Harry


You say the game will get boring if Chillingo don't bring out the new T7  tank?


How can you say the game would or is boring?


When you had T5 tank you would have ruled the roost for a short while, but the enjoyment is not necessarily shooting smaller tanks, but competing with fellow T5 tanks, who either have skins or decors during the battle. That's were the fun is!


When the T6 came out as I said the cheaters and hackers within the game, and there are many, just get their T6 tanks for free, and get them maxed out for free.


So genuine players like you and I, who earn or pay for our new tanks and earn or pay for them to get maxed.


It takes us then a long time to really enjoy the power of the tank until we can get it fully maxed out.


So when you say it's boring, I agree it is boring being blown to pieces by hacked out / maxed tanks, in nearly every game you play, while you wait literally years to get your T5 or T6 tank maxed out legitimately.


The hackers within the game, are laughing the sockets off, at us genuine players who play battle after battle trying to earn the cash and gems to get our new tanks at a level, were we can compete with the fully maxed out cheater tanks.


So what I a meam by saying, if the T7 gets introduced unless you are prepared to pay thousands of dollars to buy and max out the new T7, it would us genuine players, years to buy and max out the new T7, while the cheaters will do it in a day or so.


You then get the situation we are in now, were most battles have a T6 or two in them, and even if you are a T4, a T5 tank, you seem to get matched up in battle against T6 tanks that are fully maxed out.


if the T7 was introduced, you would still get T4 , T5 and T6 facing the new maxed out T7 on the battlefield.


There is only one winner and that is the cheating all hacking player, who don't earn or pay for their tanks, they play this game just to ruin it for the decent and proper players.




It will never happen, but we can only live in hope or alternatively leave the building / game 


Imagine if all the genuine players all left the game, only leaving the cheating hackers to play against each other, they would soon get bored (your words) and they in turn would go somewhere else to hack.


The hackers wouldn't enjoy the game if they couldn't slaughter in every battle genuine players

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Re: Tanks 7

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Hi bluelamp7777,

gladly I answer your question.

I found it very exciting to upgrade all my tanks. The players had to play as often as possible to collect enough money.

After 15 months my last tank is nearly maximized.

When I drive I have good fights against T4 (S) and T5 (s) and some T6(s), but a strong Centaurus or Serpens kills me within about 5 seconds.

But it does not matter whether I win or lose.
I will never reach a top ranking place - and I don't need the collected money any more.

With a T7 there would be new tasks for me.

I know that all Serpens drivers hope that the tanks does not develop further. Wink
For all the others there would be new perspectives and chances.

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Re: Tanks 7

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Contrary to what a lot of people have said about people not spending a lot of real money on the game,  you are not being realistic.  There are players who spend hundreds. There are players who have spent thousands to win. So when T7s come out, there are players who will have enough gems already and have bankrolled the cash to upgrade it fast. Then there are the ones who will buy a few hundred to get the gems. Like in all games, there are whales that the developers cater to.

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Re: Tanks 7

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There may very well be T7 tanks in development, but first we'll see a revamping of the graphics. They placed a video on the Facebook page saying it will be out later this year. It suggests that tanks can roll over trees or be obstructed by them, instead of pass through them as we do now. Some have posted updated pictures of how the present tanks may look. With all the lag we presently experience I don't understand how they think they can upgrade the graphics. I can image a lot of problems with the coming release. Perhaps when that gets fixed and some time has passed, they will introduce T7 tanks, but, personally, I think if we see them it will be later than sooner.

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