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Re: Tanks 7

by DaRubberdoctor

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Tanks 7

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Have you any news about Tank level 7?



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Re: Tanks 7

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Re: Tanks 7

How about this ?


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Re: Tanks 7

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When are they coming out, I have 15000 gems 💎💎💎💎💎💎 burning a hole in my pockets, they should'nt be more than that?


Can't wait!!!!


Tank U 🌹

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Re: Tanks 7

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What have you heard, I've only just bought the Cent T6 tank, trying to max it up, so I can match up against the other T6s.


When are the T7 tanks arriving or are u just speculating 🤔 from the photos you have taken off the google searches etc.


EA Dave has retired now, and we need to know if you are working for Chillingo and you have inside information.


On behalf of all members of this game WHAT DO U KNOW?


The Greenlatern awaits your reply 🔫🔫🔫💚💚💚✅✅♻️♻️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇬🇦🇬🇦🇲🇷🇲🇷🇸🇦🇸🇦🇿🇲



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Re: Tanks 7

[ Edited ]

No people i dont work for or nor  am i assoiated with iron force, I'm just like you.  Just google it.  Now Dave EA HQ posted other info here about the T7 just do a search here to find that.

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Re: Tanks 7

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Doc was right! EA_Dave did posted a comment on Tier 7 tanks another "cgi-ed version of  some of the current tank models".... 

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Re: Tanks 7

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T6 ruined the game and T7 will only benefit the cheaters who scammed millions of gems. I'll delete this game for good, there's no point in supporting a company where greed is their priority and customer care is nonexistent.
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Re: Tanks 7

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Hi all


If the T7 tanks are introduced into this game, it will be the hackers / Cheaters delight.


They have already ruined this game because a lot of the T6 tanks operators have hacked the T6 tanks and maxed them out, and quite a few haven't even reached the rank of Colonel.


No one in the right mind would spend that amount of real cash 💰 To buy a T6, and the spend even more real cash 💰 to buy the thousands and thousand of gems 💎 to the max the T6 tank to its limit.


it taken me years to get my T6 tank and it seems like a life time to max the tank to the limit.


The amount of times I have battled with a maxed out T6 set of tanks, only to discover the rank of the operators are only Lt Colonel and Colonel, it takes years to obtain a T6 tank, if you are not be stupid enough to spend loads of money 💰 


Yes spend a little of real cash if you want to help the game makers out, that's fine!


If the T7 tanks does enter this game, I know majority of my team members will delete this app from their devices, a lot are already threatening to do that at present, with so many T6 tanks in the game.




I know Chillingo won't listen, but you have to have your say!

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Re: Tanks 7

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I hope the T7 will appear soon.
Otherwise, the game becomes boring when most players soon drives T6.

Many T5(S) drivers (like me) invested money in their tank just before the T6 appeared.
This drivers would get a new perspective to play an exciting game again.

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