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Re: Same rank

by jabu69

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Same rank

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Same rank  please inform me how is it possible that the same rank the same tank he can shoot twice and kill me it takes me six times to kill him how that possible he is not painted  no special armor so how can he killed me with two shots 

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Re: Same rank

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uuh, ah, i just don't get it: who was it, that killed you last time?

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Betreff: Same rank

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Were you killed again on the weekend?
You will not believe it, but today someone also shot at me.

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Re: Same rank

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Hi Pxxxx


I got killed today as well, it's not on, how dare another tank shoot at me!


I thought this was supposed to be a game, were you never got killed!!


How can they make a game were you don't win all the time, it's crazy, I'm not happy..


Does the above sound a bit daft ! 


You bet yeah, it is!


Stop moaning, man up or woman up, get a bigger tank!

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Re: Same rank

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Hey Killroy

I am Jaguar in your screenshot.  I'm in a legion called Blastwall. I can 100% guarantee you that there was no cheating going on there. Feel free to come and join our legion and we can kill tanks together cheat-free. 


My S.Lynx is maxed by the way so perhaps that's the difference. Not everyone is trying to cheat you mate. Sometimes the other tank is just better. 



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Re: Same rank

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well said! and good gesture on legion offer! cheers! 

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Re: Same rank

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He's probably shocked. But the fact probably is he is rolling a brand new s lynx , and yours is max
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