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Re: No S Pavo upgrade

by sweetlouatgrind

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No S Pavo upgrade

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So I’ve been playing Iron force for some time now.  And back in the day if you purchased a tier 4 or 5 tank, once you max it you can upgrade to the S version.


anyway recently I purchase the Pavo tank for 3200 gems.  However someone recently told me that iron force no longer gives the S Pavo upgrade.  If this is true, I just wasted my gems on a Pavo  that is not stronger than my current S Vulp.


Why would they change this?  This is probably the single most upsetting change that they did.


Anyway I just emailed iron force to get my gems back or at least the 10,000 shards for a S Pavo.  Don’t waste your gems on a Pavo.

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Re: No S Pavo upgrade

EA Community Manager

Hi @Gaddo1,


The change was made in the v2.8.0 update released in February 2018, you can read more about the change here:




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Re: No S Pavo upgrade

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That is a shame Dave. Once a great for a common man, now entertains thick wallets. 

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Re: No S Pavo upgrade

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Stop moaning like a woman and stop playing - go look for free games elsewhere - this game is for the rich, not for poor people who moan like you - noob from Indian legion lol

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Re: No S Pavo upgrade

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Watch your Language @sweetlouatgrind, By the way that you are talking it self shows how you treat others in your life as well. A game should be fare and transparent to any type players. Rich and poor should not be the barriers. I am not saying those who spend real money on this game are doing wrong thing. Some people have time & some will have money. Its their choice that they choose how to play this game. 


At least Trophy Tanks should be worthy enough to keep and fight against the Shards tanks, That is my point. Otherwise there is no point in conducting those tournaments. 


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