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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

by jabu69

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Need advice Lynx and Vulp

★★★★ Novice

I have 4000000 in Cash and 992 Gems currently running Aqila and want to upgrade to Tier 4 and confused between Lynx and Vulp. Can anyone suggest.

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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

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Lacerta...because you will always find them in your lynx, and it never fairs well for them. If you wanted to do a vulp, just get the lacerta as it is better in every aspect
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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

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i did not understand the first part of your answer. If i take Lynx and then with all the cash upgrade as soon as possible. Is it not a good idea .. Just asking

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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

★★★ Guide

If you get a Lynx you can use your cash for upgrades. If you get a Vulp, then save the diamonds for a Fornax or Cent. Don't waste them on decals or paint. It's a good idea to have about $50 million saved up for the upgrades when getting a T6.


The Vulp is better than a Lynx in the long run but it is weak at first and takes time to build up.

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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

★★★★ Novice
I know a lot of people who stopped playing after they got the lynx or vulp. It will not live up to your expectations. They always lose to a lacerta and as I run a lacerta myself , I always beat them by a major amount . If I was in your position, I would really save diamonds because the lacerta is an awesome tank. Not to mention 2 lacertas can actually beat a scorp, pavo and s lynx, monos barely . Hope I helped a little? Let me know how this works out
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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

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T5 and T6 tanks have to be payed with diamonds.
My soggestion ist to save them.
Lac was great tank before there were T6 (even Mono runs were possible) but nowadays....
I would take vulp. 2ndly Lac, which could bring you a bit further...

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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

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Get a Vulp, max it then, get paint, then do a serp run. Skip svulp. Once you make top 30, you will need to spend a lot of money to buy the serp but hey that's the price for the best tank in this unbalanced and unfair game.
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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

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What? You can barely do a mono run with an s vulp. You're telling him to do a Serpens run with a reg vulp?!?!? That awful. You can do a mono run with an s lacerta, I've done it. But the vulp gets stomped on. A painted s lacerta can stomp s scorps/pavos. An s vulp can not. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that the reg tanks don't earn enough medals to rank high enough. Sure they get the occasional 1k medal match. But like I did in an s lacerta, I had near 2.5 k medal matches. And my highest medal match in my reg lacerta was probably 1.5k but that's not common, 800-900 is more realistic. But when the top guns are getting 1k to 2k per match, they will trample you.
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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

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You may be a little late in the game with the T6 out now. Anyway, how long can you keep playing with the Aquila to collect more gems? See if you can skip tier 4 altogether. Maybe save & get a tier 5 or 6. I went from tier 2 to tier 4 to tier 6, but it got really hard when T6 first came out. Check out my post on "skipping tier 3 & 5".

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Re: Need advice Lynx and Vulp

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Save the gems for t5 or 6. I went from lupus to lynx, slynx... On sale pavo & Centaurus. Used gems cause I wanted cash for upgrades... You run out of cash eventually regardless:-). The lynx is fun, and slynx looks coolest, but can't stand up to other equal t4 or better tanks.
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