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Models S

by Argyraspid

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Models S

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Hi, I played IF 3 years ago, and I started playing now, there are a lot of changes, someone told me that if I will maxed some tank tier 4 or tier 5 I will i not get S model, is it true? 

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Re: Models S

EA Community Manager

Hi @Argyraspid,


Unfortunately it is no longer possible to unlock S-Model Tanks by fully upgrading the corresponding normal version, the only way to unlock S-Model Tanks now is with Shards from the Arms Dealer.




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Re: Models S

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OMG EA what u've done. If I will have pavo there is more possibility that i will receive more s pavo shreds?
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Re: Models S

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I see they deleted my prevouis comment here.


Playing Empire Wars against super legions, you have no chance to accumulate enough shards to spin chest  to get T-6. If you do, you have higher chance of NOT getting a TANK that YOU want. Gee, you have NO say over what you want, it's what they want to give you.


I have over 6000 shards for S Mono. First off, I don't want S Mono, let alone needing TROPHY to open that is impossible to win.


I have over 25,000 different tank shards and still need 3500 shards for 3 different tanks, 2 of which I will never spend cash to build.

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