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by ohioqwerty

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I don't think 2 and 3 gold stars and up should be matched with anything less than what they are. Even In team battle. If it's not gonna be an even battle they should be playing against bots. Lately I been seeing a lot of 2 and 3 gold stars in team play, they enter with a newb tank ie a hydrus and when our team with the highest being a 1 gold star we get wiped out fro the 3 or 4 gold star. Also in a lot of these cases the newb hydrus tank won't even be playing just sitting there.
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A max Scorp/Pavo will devastate tier 2 and weak tier 3.

If you take 3 strong Vulps, they will kill a Scorp/Pavo,

Chillingo should bias the game so that the strongest tank has more weight in the matching algorithm.

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Re: Matching

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And beeing a two star, I can tell you that > 50% of my team games are vs bots, and 40% vs other strong tanks.

10% you meet a significantly weaker team.


I think the points system needs to be revised. 

Killing a Baby Pavo and a maxed S Pavo gives the same amount of points.

The point system should look at the relative strength so if a Dorado kills an S Pavo, it should get maybe 3-500 points...

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