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Re: Legion leaving loosing battles

by gude2018

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Legion leaving loosing battles

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It is so annoying in regular team battles more often than not the loosing Legion quits the game. So when your team is winning after one minute or so there is only one or no bot at all left. I spent Money on this Game close to Elite 10 and from my Point of view autobots are Not going to kill the Game this is. 

When you enter a fight you Must Go through with it Win or lose. Fix it. 

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Re: Legion leaving loosing battles

★ Apprentice
i guess you are a autobot user.
1. Autobots are used to get weak opponent's
2. Autobot users quit when they get real players.
They are nothing but bot hunters.
When they drop the bait it causes more lag.

So you are wrong, autobots are going to kill this game, just like the people using them.
Nothing will ever be done about this because chillingo are making money from the idiots that keep buying fuel.
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Re: Legion leaving loosing battles

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Nope I mean real Team battles. In 4 out of Five Times when I Play with other legion comrades we get no Opponent at all just bots. When we get opponents and they Start to lose they just quit the Game entirely leaving us to Shot at Walls. 

Why do you Not just introduce bot rounds for everyone? So we would have deathmatch, Team dm and bot battles? Eyery big Legion has at least three aoutobots in Order to just achieve that.

squad bonuses can only be earned fighting real enemies battles can not be left. win win win situation. 

In Order to get more players to play real rounds bring back some of the old daylies...

and all this whining about autobots would be at an end. 

And last but not least bring back the s models for free when you maxed the regular ones.

and wishfull thinking introduce t4 and 5 m models which should be free when a player maxes an s model you could even charge 1000 diamonds for those and they should compare to a cent and fornax.

and before you ask I have a maxed cent and an almost  maxed chepheus. 

Some time back the players in this game where divided in big spenders, regular small time buyers who invested 10 or 20 bucks a month and the free to play players. Nowadays it is just the big spenders and the free to play targets. 

Let me remind you as a player who consideres himself as a big spender regular small time spenders need an opportunity to compete and t5 s models only for shrads you have got to be kidding me.... t5 m models maybe but the s model must be free...

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