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Re: Leagues

by DaRubberdoctor

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Is it better to rank up to higher leagues? What are the pros and *?

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Re: Leagues

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All negatives.  You would need to get a tank to match up with rank  as it is now T 4 and 5 need to be maxed and S stage to even compete ranking up would place these lower tiers at a disadvantage even worse than it is now


best thing since we are now  forced to get points which are the point gained by kills, getting to the next rank is to stay in a legion that helps you,  but if you don’t get a higher tier tanks you will never be able to compete in a higher league silver, gold platum and diamond puts you and your tank in with tanks that probably out gun you.    Reason is to rank up in a league means you met the kill ratio to advance say platum to diamond by your killing performance or amount of points acquired to do that.


Now if your not strong enough in the next level your matches will be horrible, and guess what, next time you get dropped back to platum or lower,  Gold or silver which actually is better than diamond league matches.


bottom line match your rank with your tanks killing ratio to the league that produces good game matches. Unfortunatly IronForce at the end of each Tourniment period promote or demotes you depending on your performance.  So Save gems and cash and as you get promoted then get a bigger tier tank.   Good luck!!


@centralhockey96 wrote:

Is it better to rank up to higher leagues? What are the pros and *?


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